Essay Example on Project Management

Published: 2019-10-07
Essay Example on Project Management
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Q1. Contrast the Differences between a Project and a Process

Business case scenarios requiring the execution of a certain task calls for the development of a project. Starting on a new project is an exciting activity for the members of the execution team. At some point during the execution of the project, stringent deadlines come in leading to a confusion of the project execution with a process in the execution chain. In many cases projects are usually confused with processes, this assumption leads to inefficiency in the execution of a project successfully. Below lies the differences between project and process.

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Projects can be described as an activity that has never been conducted before, that is, an execution that has never been presented in the organization. A process can be described as an activity that has been conducted repeatedly by the team over and over again. Taking a bigger approach on the purpose of projects, projects have goals that look into the development of a new innovation or way of conducting business. Process goals are usually conducting an activity over and over again for the purposes of perfecting the art and creating value (Khan et al., 2014).

Projects have objectives that do change depending on the circumstances and decisions made by organizational management. The objectives of projects can change in the case that all team members are onboard in the execution of the new angle to handle the project. In the case of a process, changes can only be effected with proper advance planning. Making changes in the process call for an investment in order to make the required change (Khan et al., 2014).

Projects are executed successfully where the team has a solid leadership that would oversee the activities of the project. The role of the leader is to aide in guiding the project execution. Processes, on the other hand, do not require a leader to guide employees, its the management of the process that is important. The last difference between projects and process is that projects come in to help to create change while, and process on the other hand process tend to resist progress and change.

Q2.Why Project Management is Often Used to Train Future Leaders

Leadership entails overseeing the activities of business, this is one of the major roles of leaders in any organization. Project management is an aspect all future leaders should have in mind during the execution of their responsibilities. In order to execute a project from the ground, it is imperative that the leader understands the strategic and operational requirements for project execution. In a bid to avoid risking the crippling of a project success, it is imperative that leaders are trained on the basic tenets of project management.

The skills acquired during and after training of future leaders on project management helps the leader to be able to make compelling business cases for a given project. In order to see through the execution of a project, employees have to be enlightened on the business benefits of the project, one should be able to convince employees to change their mindsets to that it will eventually transform into a win for the organization. Future leaders are trained on the importance of communication in the execution of the project; it is imperious that these leaders understand that communication is necessary from the first day on. Project planning and implementation is a fundamental part of a success in project execution (Longman & Mullins, 2004).

Q3. Discuss At Least Two Detriments To Project Success.

Micromanagement of project processes can be highly detrimental to the success of any project. It is vital that a leader is able to control project progress while in that process making employees feel that as a leader you do trust them, or it may give an impression that the leader does not see their contribution to the success of the project. It is important that the leader should understand the importance of believing in the skills of other people, decision making should be based on the advice from team members (Attarzadeh & Ow, n.d.).

Lack of Effective Communication during the execution can be highly detrimental to the success of the project. It is important that proper communication lines are devised that would help bridge the information gap among team members. The lack of communication channels or poor communication from the project leader can leave other people unaware of any changes that need to be executed. Informed team members work perfectly in the execution of project requirements.

Q4. Describe "Escalation Of Commitment" And Where It Fits In The Lore Of Organizational Culture.

Escalation of Commitment is a behavior trend in which individuals would prefer to rationalize their actions, decisions, and investment patterns while they are faced by a highly increasing negative outcomes of course. In many organizations, the chances of getting escalation of commitment are high; this retrogressive habit can be found in the top management. The problem can crop up and be part of the organizational culture in areas of investment, key marketing techniques, employee recruiting and customer relations ("Knowing When to Pull the Plug", 2007). It is imperative to understand that a change in the decision-making patterns should be revised lest risking crippling of the organizational success and position in the industry.


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