Multimodal Research Assignment on Diabetes, Free Paper for You

Published: 2022-03-09
Multimodal Research Assignment on Diabetes, Free Paper for You
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Diabetes is a condition in human beings associated with changes in blood sugars that are present in the body. When these sugars usually rise above the optimum level, they cause a person to term as being diabetic. Another cause of this condition is where the excess body fats and sugars are taken in the body fail to be stored, which usually is the function of a body hormone called insulin. To controlling the diseases, blood sugars and fats need to be kept in control. Healthy lifestyle and eating habits help in managing this condition. This paper seeks to explain the ways of maintaining and preventing diabetes.

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It has been confirmed that despite many saying the disease is curable, there is no known cure. For treatment, a process known as remission is done, to ease the adverse effects that are associated with the disease. This process takes typically three approaches, that is, partial, complete or prolonged remission. Control of the body sugars here is done without drugs for a period.

Diabetes is broken down into two types; the type 1 and the type 2 diabetes. It is therefore essential to understand the methods of controlling these two types of diabetes. The type 1 diabetes involves the body's attacks on the pancreas cells by the defense cells thus reducing the production the insulin hormone. In curing this type 1 diabetes, two methods are used, the use of tools or devices that are implanted in the person which help to keep the pancreas cells for longer hence assisting in the control of the body sugars. Instead of having pancreatic cells dying faster and exposing one to risk, isn't it good to get an implant that will rejuvenate cells into their routine? The other method is the use of a drug that is called verapamil. The drug helps reduce the amount of calcium in the body hence playing a crucial role in controlling diabetes.

The type 2 diabetes is not caused by the body's attack on the cells. This type of diabetes is associated with factors such as lifestyle practices and eating patterns. Since the lifestyle and the eating habits are the primary causes of this condition, it has therefore been sensitized on the importance of taking up practices that promote healthy living. These include observing diet practices that are healthy such as reducing high sugar intakes to minimize the sugar levels in the body, reducing the intakes of foods rich in carbohydrates and substituting them with protein-rich foods. High consumption of foods with fiber helps in the digestion of carbohydrates and sugars.

Also, exercises are essential in the reduction of cases of type 2 diabetes. Maintaining physical fitness helps keep the body fit while also assisting in eliminating the excess body fats present in the body. For the people who cannot find exercising as an appropriate measure to reduce body fats and sugars, they can undergo surgery as the other alternative. The common one is known as bariatric surgery that reduces body parts that are having excess fats such as the stomach. In other cases, the operation can be used to correct hormones and slow down excess weight gain.

In conclusion, many people are suffering from the diabetic condition. It is crucial for one to check out the type of diabetes they have with the aim of seeking appropriate measure to reduce or contain the disease. Despite there being no cure for this condition, steps can be taken to control the situation.

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