The Choice of Various Brand Elements - Marketing Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-02
The Choice of Various Brand Elements - Marketing Essay Example
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Whether we are reading it on a tablet, computer, or phone or if it is the publisher's logo on a book or a mark of a manufacturer on a coffee cup, they are unique in the way they are designed. Brands are found everywhere and it is the duty of the organization to make their brand stand out all the time is a tricky task. From logo to social media use, a brand remains a large machine that has many elements.

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A logo reflects the brand essence to the consumers. Type-based logos communicate the brand name right away, pictorial logos create a unique visual representation, and the combination of both gives more flexibility of application. A form should be unique. In the case of retail-based brands, a tangible product supplied is literal represents a brand. It is good to make something sensible, fitting, and memorable. An intentional color use is a good brand. Pay attention to the color theory and generate sentiments or emotions.

Use of addictive brand names strengthens consumer associations. A successful brand name uses all ideas at once. An effective brand name encompasses gathered ideas from customers, is easily pronounced, and perfectly fits the purpose. Intentional language use is a brand name too. Composted and clever slogans and taglines make an effective brand which hat stays with the customers and keeps them thinking beyond their encounter with it. Carefully crafted tone carried throughout different social media such as Twitter makes up a decisive part of the branding.

A compelling mission statement is important. Successful brands have a clear intention message as well as a driving force behind them. Genuine emotion and connection with a product are successful brand such include an ad of coke. Additionally, daily consumer appeals form an effective brand, and so is a company's daring to be different. Thus, a company should always design its brand in a manner that attracts, satisfies, involves, and associates with customers' needs and preferences.

Brand Positioning/Repositioning

Brand positioning or repositioning is important to abrand in responding to changing marketing conditions. In 2014, the fourth-largest cigarette-making company, Imperial Tobacco, announced that it would be spending $7.1 billion in a program meant to expand business in the US. The management of the company decided not to buy any company but instead venture in a three-way deal. The deal involved Lorillard and Reynolds American. They decided to pick a sales force, a factory, and more importantly, a collection of several brands. The two brands are Blu and Winston, where they were to invest most of the money and time.

However, it was adamant that every one of the management experts would imagine that it is strange that Imperial Tobacco would spend the majority of the $7 billion budget on some ethereal things such as brands. Such things such as brands are more valued things that are owned by companies which are more diverse such as McDonald's and Apple. Brands are often worth more than machinery and property. Moreover, brands are responsible for 30% or more of the value of stock market of companies in Standard & Poor's (S&P) 500 index as stated by a market-research company known as Millward Brown. The rand acquisition was very important for Imperia Tobacco because it gave the company more value in its products. For instance, a Coke without its logo is simply cola, a Ralph Lauren shirt from Polo is more expensive than a polo shirt and such explains why Ms. Cooper was hopeful that the company would exploit unexploited brand equity of Winston.

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