Free Essay Example. The Balance of Magic and Reality

Published: 2023-05-07
Free Essay Example. The Balance of Magic and Reality
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The article "An Old Man with Enormous Wings" was inscribed by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It is about the several crabs which were killed during the runny season. As it was raining on the third day, Pelayo plus his family killed several crabs in the house. Since they were many, he had to go across his drenched courtyard to throw these crabs into the sea since the newborn had experienced ma high temperature throughout the night, and they assumed this was caused by the stench. According to the article, the new biosphere was sad since Tuesday (Marquez). Sea as well as sky were one ash-gray thing plus the beach's sand which glimmered like powdered well-lit on March night, had turned to be a mad stew as well as rotten shellfish.

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At noon, there was a weak light, and when Pelayo returned from disposing of the crabs, it became a challenge for him to identify whatever that was moving as well as groaning in the courtyard's rear. Due to a lack of sufficient light, Pelayo was forced to go closer only to find an older man lying with his face down in the sludge, who, regardless of his tremendous struggle, he could not manage to wake impeded by his massive wings.

According to the author, this nightmare shocked Pelayo, making him run to get his wife, who was called Elisenda, whom he found putting wrappings on their sick newborn, and acquired her to the courtyard's rear. Whatever the couple saw shocked them (Marquez). 'They both looked at the fallen body with a mute stupor. He was dressed like a ragpicker. There were only a few faded hairs left on his bald skull and very few teeth in his mouth, and his pitiful condition of a drenched great-grandfather took away and sense of grandeur he might have had. His huge buzzard wings, dirty, and half-plucked were forever entangled in mud.' The couple looked at the old man for a long time as well as close, and after a long time, they both overcame their astonishment hence finding him familiar (Marquez). They gained the courage to utter to the man, and he answered them in unfathomable parlance with the loud voice of a sailor. In this way, they skipped over the wings' inconvenience and quite perceptively came into the conclusion that the man was a lone survivor from some alien ship which the storm wrecked. The couple called one woman who was their neighbor, and she was aware of everything concerning life as well as death to see the old man, where she needed only a single look to the man and show the couple their mistake.

After the woman did so, she told both Pelayo that the old chap was an archangel, and the probability is that he was coming for their child, but it happened that he was too old that he was knocked down by the rain (Marquez). On the following morning, everybody in the village was aware that the flesh-and-blood seraph was held confined in the house of Pelayo. Against the intelligent neighbor woman's judgment, for whom the seraph in that era were the spiritual conspiracy's fugitive stayers, they lacked the heart of clubbing the old man to death. Pelayo watched over the old man the entire afternoon from his kitchen, and as he was going to sleep, he dragged the old man from the mad and inaccessible him with the hens. In the midnight, is when the rain stopped, but the couple was still killing the crabs. After a short time far ahead, their child woke deprived of fever and had a craving for something edible. Both felt high-minded and unquestionable put seraph on a tranche with fresh water as well as supplies for three days hence leaving him a fortune on the elevated sea. Nevertheless, when they pass on into the patch with the opening bright of emergence, they found the entire neighborhood in forward-facing of the chicken cage playing with the seraph, without the slenderest admiration, tossing good things to him to eat via the wire lead-ins, as if he was a not a mystical being but an extravaganza animal.

The author narrates how Father Gonzaga reached at that place before 7.00 am to alarm the outlandish news. People started giving the old man the names that fit him, and one of the people who were there suggested that he will be called the world's mayor. Other people felt that h deserved promotion to five-star general rank to enhance the winning of the war. Immediately, he stood by the wire hence reviewing his catechism and asked the crowd to open the entrance for him to look closely at that disgraceful man who appeared like a vast dilapidated hen among the rivetted chickens. When the old man came out of the cage, the Father warned the snooping against the dangers of being unsophisticated. He reminded people that the devil is currently having a bad habit of using carnival tricks to bring confusion to the unwary.

The captive angel's news spread very fast, and after a brief period, the yad had a marketplace bustle, and they called troops with constant bayonets to scatter the people who were about to break the house. The people's desire to see the angel made Elisenda have thought of fencing the compound and locking it and instruct that whoever wants to know the angel must pay five cents each to be allowed to get in. The curiosity arrived for very far. A traveling carnival appeared with a flying funambulist who murmured several times over crowed. Still, no person concentrated with him since his annexes were not similar to those of the angel, but of the sidereal bat. The angel became a source of money to the household of Pelayo, and even before a week was over, they had already crammed their house with cash as well as the pilgrims' line as they wait for their time to get in which still reached yonder horizon.

The author says that the frivolity of the crowd was held back by Father Gonzaga with maidservant's inspiration formulas while waiting for the final judgment arrival on the captive's nature. At the same time, a traveling shows of a woman arrived in the town. It was said that the woman was changed and became a spider for disobeying the parents (Marquez). For people to see her, the admission fee was charged, but all were allowed to interrogate the woman concerning her absurd state as well as examining her properly to ensure nobody will doubt the horror's truth. The woman was a fearsome tarantula who had a ram size as well as the sad maiden's head. The most heartrending thing was her real affliction, where she was counting her misfortune details. Her only sustenance was from meatballs tossed to her by charitable souls into her mouth. The few miracles which were accredited to the angel reviewed particular mental disorder. They ruined the angel's reputation, and the changed woman crashed him entirely. After these are happening, Father Gonzaga was healed from insomnia, and the courtyard of Pelayo went back to the way it was before.

The house owners lacked a reason to lament. They used the coinage they had saved during this show to construct two-story houses that had balconies as well as garden plus high netting to prevent the crabs from entering the house in the winter season. To the windows, iron bars were added to avoid the angel from getting in. Pelayo, however, set up a warren for a rabbit near the town and begun his business there (Marquez). At the same time, Elisenda purchased some satin pumps which had high heels as well as several iridescent silk dresses, which were won on Sunday by several looked-for women in those eras. The only thing that received no attention from the couple was the chicken coop. The bad smell from the old man was still smelt from the chicken coop, and this made them not to pay attention to it. When their child starting walking in the first time, both Payola with his wife paid close attention to the child to go near the coop, but with time they began losing the fear hence getting used to the odor and started letting the child go and play from the coop alone though the wires by that time were falling apart.

When the child began attending the school, the sun, as well as rain, had made the chicken coop to fall apart. The angel at this time was going dragging himself every place in this family like a wandering dying man. They would find him in the bed, and after chasing him, the next moment, they will get him seated in the kitchen. He seemed to appear in several rooms at the same juncture, and they started thinking that the angel was duplicated, and he was imitating himself in the entire house. The fact in this happening made the whole family astonished by the angel because they knew that after disappearing the first time, he would never appear again. They had built their house in a way that he will never be able to get into their house at any other time, but the building could not prevent him. The experience was not pleasing to Elisenda, and shew was complaining about getting tired of living a life full of an angel. This continued to the point of fighting, and a few days later, Elisenda was involved in a battle with the angel.

One morning as Pelayo's wife was cutting some onion bunches to prepare lunch, the wind, which was believed by coming from the sea, blew into their kitchen. After going to the window, Elisenda caught the angel there, attempting to flee. They were so awkward that his fingernails unbolted a channel in the patch of the vegetable, and at this point, he was about to knock her down with the heavy flapping that slithered on the sunny and could not get a clutch on the air. According to the author, the angel managed to gain altitude. Elisenda released a sigh of reprieve, for her as well as for him, in the time she observed him passing through the last houses supporting himself with the risky panicking of a senile predator. Even after finishing cutting the onions, Elisenda kept on watching the angel until when he disappeared completely. At this time, the angel was not an annoyance in the life of Pelayo's wife since they had become used to him, but an unreal dot on the sea's horizon.

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