Creative Writing Essay Example: Products' Ads

Published: 2022-08-31
Creative Writing Essay Example: Products' Ads
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Provision of carabiner ton for flexibility: The carabiner is steel which is stainless for hooking and placement of key. It always places in the backpack, clothing and even the current position it is set up.

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It is approved by travel agency: It can be used to carry the hot sauce of the individual flavor to the plane at any given time. It eventually adds plenty of characters to the airplane food. However, the sriracha turns food into spicy in the restaurants and hotel since it is handy and useful.

Bottle portability: The keychain in the sriracha is a solution to the portability problem since the flip top is comfortable with the carabiner to be used for the hot sauce. Not only can be it be used for the sriracha but the different choices of the hot sauces. It is filled to its brim with smooth rooster sauce.

Super stocking gift: The sriracha2Go has packages which provide a chance to bring smiles to the friends and the surprise gift to the loved one. It carries different sauces for the friends hence saving on the cost of buying the big ones. The Sriracha has the cool factor of making it possible for people to use it.

Sriracha2Go for one day meal: The sriracha is the best and delicious when used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is spicy for every meal and good for body growth.

Wendy's Burger

The Wendy's burger has the most delicious food breast which consists of Bacon chicken sandwich, Bacon fries, and Bacon burger.

The Yummy Bacon chicken sandwich: Wendy's burger has the delicious and juicy chicken that is spiced with red onions, roasted salsa, smoked Applewood bacon, and shredded cheddar. It's so delicious that leaves a person licking fingers, and the mouth becomes incredible watery.

Fresh salads: The Wendy's burger gives the best yummy and appetitive fresh salad to the customers and any time. It attracts the customers to try other meals offered in Wendy's burger.

Kid's flavor: It's not only adult's customers who enjoy Wendy's burger. Also, the kids have their taste of the delicious and healthy meals for them which are nutritious for their growth.

Quick burger delivery: Wendy's burger has the customer's interest at heart. It offers service delivery for their orders to the customer destinations. The distribution is always fast and hot meals or snacks to customer's satisfaction.

Cold and soft drinks beverages: The beverages are served with customer's request. Wendy's give the beverages to supplement the burgers to offer their customers the best service for delicious and appetitive drinks to cool themselves.

Samsung Phone

The Samsung phone has the best features, and its functionality is superb. Samsung Company is among the leading with mobile telephones manufacturing in the world. Its product is always integrated with the latest technology in the market trend. The Samsung phone headline includes the following.

Long-lasting Battery and performance: The Samsung phone batteries can have for more extended hours which in use. The latest make of the battery is inbuilt. It works magnificently by ensuring it remains in operation to avoid removal and use for other phones. Its performance is always amazing, and it meets the customer needs without any complaint

Clarity camera: As the customer's needs to capture every memorable moment with their friends, families and loved ones through photos. The Samsung give it the best since it has a super speed dual pixel.

Unlock Security: A Samsung phone protects the individual credentials and confidential information. It has the encryption mechanism which uses the biometric, facial recognition and patterns. This enables the secure trust for the customer's to use the Samsung products.

Social networking: With technology advancement, communication is one of the critical factors in the current world. Therefore, the Samsung phones do the best to ensure the social networks has the best and impressive features to support social interaction.

Fun and entertainment: Youths and kids enjoy having fun at any given time during their leisure time. They spend much of their time on phones to listen to music, play games or chat with their friends. The Samsung phones give them the variety of choice of fun in their mobile phones.

Design portability: The Samsung phones design gives the customer the favorite on the choice to choose in its design. Its phones are much portable to carry, and they are also lightweight to place in the pockets and purse.

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