Free Essay on Shakespeare Play: Romeo and Juliet

Published: 2023-08-23
Free Essay on Shakespeare Play: Romeo and Juliet
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Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, is one of the greatest love stories ever told. The play is in a surrounding where there is an age-old vendetta between two powerful families (Shakespeare, 2003). Within the same intense conditions, Romeo Montague falls madly in love with Juliet Capulet, who is supposed to marry her father's choice, the County Paris (Shakespeare, 2003). With the help of the nurse, the two lovers plan to marry the next day. However, on his way, Romeo engages in a fight and kills Juliet's cousin Tybalt to avenge for Mercutio's death. From the act, Romeo gets banished from the city. On learning this, Juliet fakes her death with the nurse's help so that she can reunite with Romeo. However, the plot does not reach Romeo well, and believing that his lover is dead, he decides to take his own near Juliet's faked tomb. On waking up, Juliet finds Romeo's corpse beside her and kills herself to rejoin him. This paper takes a keen analysis of the characters in Romeo and Juliet and gives my personal opinion on the play.

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Romeo and Juliet are the main characters in the play. Romeo is Montague's son, loved and respected in Verona. Initially in the play is presented as a comic character who inflates the issues of love and romance. Initially, Romeo has excessively high opinions about love with Rosaline. However, after he meets Juliet, he leaves behind his traditional character and becomes this romantic guy (Shakespeare, 2003). He is so passionate in his infatuation with Juliet indicating how genuine the connection between the two is. The two are completely in love and adore each other a lot. However, a great tragedy occurs when Romeo decides to avenge Mercutio's death by killing Tybalt. Romeo gets banished from the city, which makes the two lovers make the hardest decisions to reconnect again. Sadly, this leads to their tragic end.

Juliet is a daughter to the Capulet family. She is young and innocent for around 14 years. She is learning how to love fast and thriving through her innocent adolescent stage. Encounter with Romeo makes Juliet brave and crazily in love. She is determined to defy her father's orders and marry an enemy because she is wildly in love (Shakespeare, 2003). Juliet goes against her father's wish to marry the County Paris and decides to follow her heart. She knows that she is making a mistake by falling for an enemy, but then love blind. She demonstrates pure love through exemplifying high levels of loyalty and putting her life on stake to stand by Romeo. However, their sweet love costs the couple their life because the love claims their lives. When Juliet realizes that she fooled her lover into his death, she decides to join him for their love is too strong to be parted by anything.

Other characters include the nurse, Mercutio, Tybalt, Paris, amongst others. The nurse is Juliet's nursemaid and confidante and massager for the two young lovers. She is loving and caring; however, she almost loses her trust when she advises Juliet to forget Romeo and abide by her father's wishes. She is the one who organizes Romeo and Juliet plots. Mercutio is a close friend to Romeo and the kinsman to Prince (Shakespeare, 2003). He accepts a fight challenge to protect Romeo; however, in the event he gets killed. His death is what provokes Romeo to avenge. Tybalt is lady Capulet's nephew and a cousin to Juliet. Tybalt kills Mercutio in a challenge, and Romeo kills him to avenge his friend. Tybalt's killing results in unrest, and in the end, Romeo gets banished (Shakespeare, 2003). All the problems that occur stems from Tybalt's murder. Paris is a noble kinsman to the Prince; he hopes to marry Juliet; however, her heart is into someone else. In the last episodes, when Romeo appears in Juliet's tomb, Paris tries to fight him because he thinks he came to desecrate Juliet and Tybalt's bodies. However, in the process, Romeo kills Paris.

In my personal opinion, Romeo and Juliet is the most captivating love story of all. The play indicates two lovers who are willing to go above all heights to fight for their love. It is my ideal love story because I like the spirit Romeo and Juliet show for their love; they are unwilling to separate what they feel for each other. Finding loyal partners is not easy, especially in the contemporary world. Romeo and Juliet shows us that we should be ready to fight for what we love, even if it means putting our lives on the stake. I love the fact that two lovers see no essence of living if they are separated. It is almost impossible to find a partner who is willing to die and dies for your love. The two partners show the world that love is not about the one who people or family chooses for you, but love is what your heart wishes. We should always follow our hearts no matter the risks we take. It is better to live a good love life than to live a life full of regrets.

In, a nutshell Romeo and Juliet narrates a love story of two lovers who choose happiness over what the people think. The two put their lives on stake to fight for what they believe in. Romeo and Juliet come from two disputing sides, but they decide to fight for their love. Juliet defies her father's arranged marriage with Paris and decides to fall for Romeo. The two shows us that love is blind, and sometimes people do the unimaginable to fight for love. The couple faces a tragic saddening death trying to reunite with each other. It is a love story with a saddening end, but it shows us what real love is. A love that the partners would go the extent of sacrificing their own lives.


Shakespeare, W. (2003). Romeo and Juliet. Cambridge University Press.

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