Free Essay on the Article Global Outlaws: Crime, Money, and Power in the Contemporary World

Published: 2019-10-15
Free Essay on the Article Global Outlaws: Crime, Money, and Power in the Contemporary World
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The Article and Globalization

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The article discusses the lives of Angolan amputees, and their economic contribution to the region. Majorly, the article focuses on the role of women in pushing the economy forward. The article explores the cultural aspects of the Angolan people, which include women as the providers of basic necessities, including food among others. From the article, it is evident that the Angolan women are responsible for providing the basic needs for their families, whereby despite their physical disabilities, the women are seen to work to provide water and food among others.

The article fits in with our conversation on globalization since it covers the influence of the global communities in helping the Angolan women towards sustainability and economic stability. Globalization refers to the process of integrating and interacting with people of different nations, which leads to changes in the way people think and act as they tend to integrate the cultures of others in theirs. The article indicates that the traditional role of the Angolan women involved providing food for the basic survival of their families among other basic needs. However, with the presence of foreign individuals, who include the Irish NGO, they have started producing food such as bananas with an aim of making profit (Nordstrom, 2007, p. 246). From the profits, the women are considering building decent homes and expanding their sources of income, as they strive towards economic stability and financial freedom. The foreigners therefore have played a critical role in changing the womens culture in Angola, to include engaging in profit making activities rather than focusing only on meeting their basic needs.

The Article and Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality

The article relates to three key issues, including gender, ethnicity, and inequality. The article discusses the role of women in Angola, whereby men are not seen as active in income generation as the women. The role of women in Angola is therefore crucial in maintaining and growing the economy, with the aim of overcoming the damages that the war caused in the previous years. Moreover, the issue of ethnicity is highlighted in the article, whereby the article discusses the Muleque women, who are majorly affected by the landmines.

Given that the majority of the women are seen to lack formal education, they have to engage in difficult tasks to earn a living and sustain their families. The issue of ethnicity also brings out the issue of poverty in Africa. Furthermore, inequality is also highlighted in the article, whereby women are seen as key breadwinners in their families, with the role of men in providing for families remaining minimal. Also the economic activities that the women engage in to earn a living are not recognized as those pertaining to the sale of oil and minerals, which brings out an aspect of inequality in the Angolan society (Nordstrom, 2007, p. 251).


Nordstrom, C. (2007). Global outlaws : crime, money, and power in the contemporary world. Berkeley: University of California Press.

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