Free Essay Sample - The Art of Choosing

Published: 2023-08-31
Free Essay Sample - The Art of Choosing
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After watching the video on the art of choosing my knowledge of three common types of assumptions. The first assumption is that the more the option, the better choices one makes. The premise is both correct and incorrect based on the decisions one makes when given multiple options. For example, in the current world, a person is given various options on the course and career path that they would want to pursue in life. However, despite having multiple choices, people still make bad decisions and end up regretting later in life when it is already too late to fix the choices they made.

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The second assumption is it is better to make your own choices. I agree and disagree with the assumption based on the merits and demerits it present. The reason why I agree with the assumption is that sometimes, choosing on your own ensures that you are comfortable with the decision that you make. For example, in a time when the parents interfered with the decisions of marriage partners for their children, most couples ended up spending their lives uncomfortably with a person they do not love. I also refute this assumption because, as a child, a person cannot be trusted to make the right decisions. Parents are more experienced, and they know what is best for their kids.

The last assumption is to never say no to a choice. The example given by Sheena about parents from American and Parents from France is ideal in explaining this assumption. Sheena stated that the American parents had more regret about “pulling the plug” than the parents from France (Lyengar). I think this has to do with not having to make a choice and making an assumption that the doctor knew what was best. Of all the Ted Talks that I have watched, this video remains to be the best. Listening to Sheena narrating how she made a choice not to think negatively of her disability or limit herself to what people thought of her is encouraging. In life, I have faced many challenges and battled with many predicaments. I was struggling academically as a child, and people thought that nothing good will ever come from me, having to fight for every opportunity in life and battling thoughts of quitting. However, I always manage to stay positive and grateful for all that I have and try to achieve more.

My value and the view of the world are built on the things that I have witnessed rather than presumptions and prejudices from a few individuals. Ambiguity alters personal perspectives and clouds one's judgment on things that matter in life. For example, assuming that a specific category of people behaves the same is a wrong assumption. Every individual is created differently, and therefore their behavior is not similar or aligned to where they come from. Also, in life, what separates good people and bad people is not the actions that they undertake but the choices they had. I believe that every individual has a light inside them regardless of the darkness surrounding them. Therefore if they are allowed to change, they can impact the world positively.

My value and Value assumption influence my value priority in different situations, not to put self-interest above humanity. An example of how my value priorities shifted was when I was late to school one day, then on my way, I met an older person trying to close the road in a busy street, I did not want to get late for class, but I had to help the person. Another example is when I wanted to shift to a larger apartment, and I had saved enough money to relocate. I received a call from a friend who urgently needed financial assistance, and I had to forego my plans for a big apartment to help a friend. The last example is how my desire to see good in every person resulted in forgiving a young boy who tried to grab my wallet. After talking with him, I realized that he lived with a drunkard father who could not provide his basic needs, and therefore he had to steal for a meal. I ended up giving him the portion of the money that I had saved for monthly upkeep. My driving force in life is to ensure that, in every way possible, I stand with those who are at the edge of despair.

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Lyengar, Sheena. "Sheena Lyengar on the Art of Choosing." (2011).

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