Free Essay on the Aesthetics of Music Video: An Analysis of Madonna's "Cherish"

Published: 2022-09-09
Free Essay on the Aesthetics of Music Video: An Analysis of Madonna's "Cherish"
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The video is excellent and useful in describing the choreographic features of music. It reflects on the musical elements as well as other larger sections. Some of the aspects of the video include strong and clean contours which are traced across the images that appear edited. Classicism is shown where it can be discerned in the form of grace and self-restraint that brings out Madonna's figure and the imagery of gay desire (Vernallis pg. 154). Choreography defines the opportunity of an artist to express their personality by creating a dance in their video. A choreographer, in this case, engages in designing and directing routines that are used during the performance. Madonna's cherish inspires one through the creative ideas and insightful features.

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The flow of the video comprises of huge figures that are in slow motion which appear to be pulling themselves through the space that gives the video a specific feel to the audience. It is also inclusive of the rolling drum tracks, the harmonic motion and the bass line that create the song's momentum and maintains it (Vernallis pg. 155). The flow helps to understand the movements of choreographic music videos and the particular feel that they need to offer to the viewers. The pace that Ritts establishes throughout editing which includes the athletic movements shown by Madonna as well as other visual articulations through features that support one another thus helping the viewer appreciate the levels of details overlooked in the song. The song gives a good rhythm organization that helps to form a significant focus on the images.

The form of the video also offers great lessons on how choreography needs to look like. The structures used are large scale extending a gradual shift from day to the evening such that it reveals how the boy was born, grew up and the separation from Madonna (Vernallis pg. 159). The music and image tend to create divisions in large sections. The basic shape also involves the change in primary musical motif throughout the piece hence providing the key to the structure of the part. Spiral motion functions as a transformation of the basic shape (Vernallis pg. 160). Choreographic music videos need to employ skills of practical features that need inclusion in the video to create aesthetics to the viewers. The form and basic shape of the video help one to understand skillful features that a choreographer needs to have. The case of these two features is that a choreographer should possess the specific skill of dance technique in the steps, styles and routine sections that will allow them to shift from one aspect to another quickly without causing havoc. Creativity is also a requirement because they will need to use the creative and artistic abilities to develop moves, steps and the necessary combinations.

The classical ballet performance is also a choreographic video that shows differences in the principal dancer, artists, and the soloists as well (Twitchet pg. 125). The analysis reveals the fields such as work intensity, body movement, partner work and transitory movements of dancers in every minute. There are significant differences in intensity bands showing the time are rest and the time spent at moderate intensity. The classic bullet utilizes both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. The choreography of these two music videos concerning the setting, features and overall role of the participants. These videos help to show that choreography work requires classical concepts to form aesthetics in a video.

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