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Published: 2018-02-06 11:46:03
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I have a phobia

I have a phobia for any area that is prone to flooding or an area that contains a pool of water. I cannot stand a swimming pool even for my younger siblings. There are occasions that I had to give inexcusable reasons so that I our physical education teacher do not force me into the swimming pool. The blue clear water has a calming effect and even the breezes that come from the oceans and the lakes. My phobia for water started way back in the year 1998 when we lost our last born at the Atlantic Ocean. We were at one of the beach resorts for a holiday as a family and this tragic moment took place in a flash of seconds. Despite the fact that we were all good swimmers, we could not save our little ten year old brother from the ocean waves. I have always felt like I am the one to blame since I was the eldest and the best swimmer in our family. From this incident, I avoid water bodies by all means although I am currently seeing a psychiatrist for this phobia.

My special place

When asked about special places, many people mention exotic restaurants or tourist areas. However, my only special place is my room. It is a quiet place where I get peace and comfort from the outside world. After a long day of work and spending time with friends in parties, my room becomes my refuge. It is a place where get rest and rejuvenate from the previous hangovers. Besides, I live with my parents and young siblings. My young ones watch cartoons at the highest volume. I sometimes cannot tolerate such noise and go to my room where I use my tablet and chat with my colleague through Whatsapp and social media platforms. Moreover, since I am a part time student, my room gives me the best conducive environment where I read my books and complete my assignments without disruption. I have realized that the reason why I love the comfort of my room is because of my calm and quiet personality. I am that kind of person who loves peace and privacy. Though I enjoy visiting the beach and other tourist centers such as Bahamas, the only place where I get freshness and think about my future is my room. It is my special place.


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