Free Essay: A Discussion on the Scores of Stress Scale

Published: 2022-11-11
Free Essay: A Discussion on the Scores of Stress Scale
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After the completion of the Undergraduate Stress Scale, my score came to 699. The score shows that my stress level is high. I fall in the threat category of above 300; this means that I have 80% increase probability of accident/illness. Therefore, I am supposed to be cautious about stress management because there is a high chance of illness/accident.

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The score of the stress scale surprised me because I did not expect to have high ratings. I thought that my life has low stressors, but I realized that I have a high-stress level. The test was useful as it has helped me to understand my stress level. As a result, I have come up with stress management mechanisms.

The sources of my stress are mostly related to my studies. As a 30-year-old male student, I am under pressure to get better grades. Stressors like final weeks and writing of the main term paper are stressful because I am under pressure to succeed in my studies. I also become frustrated due to financial difficulties and when a friend or a relative has a severe illness.

A Discussion on My Current Coping Strategies and Resources

Some resources can help me in the secondary appraisal. First, there is support from my lecturers that may help in reducing the pressure of wanting to succeed in my studies. There is also counseling in case a friend or a relative develops a severe illness. Lastly, there the financial support from my family members in dealing with the frustration of being broke. The appraisal process will begin by the realization of whether events are stressful (Kaur, Kaur and Chauhan 628). After the identification of stressful events, there is the establishment of coping strategies.

The availability of resources enhances my ability in coping with a stressor. A primary appraisal like realizing that a serious illness to a relative or friend is stressful helps me to respond to stress. Secondary appraisal like getting financial assistance from family members helps me to cope with the frustration arising from financial constraints.

My current stress coping strategies are effective as they appropriate help in managing stressors. The strategy of counseling is emotionally focused because it reduces the frustration of having a sick relative or friend, on the other hand, the approach of seeking financial assistance is problem-oriented as it manages the issue of financial difficulties. The impact of stress might negatively affect my health and behaviors (Charlesworth and Ronald 18). For instance, stress because of pressure to succeed in studies leads to behaviors like anxiety, a situation that can yield to health complications like high blood pressure.

My personality style affects the stress level moderately. Being a moderate A individual, I behave sensibly; meaning I am average in my characters and behaviors. I do not act to the extreme, a situation that helps in lowering stress level.

Apart from personality, social factors also impact my stress level. First I have friends who are concerned with their studies. Having serious colleagues in matters of education pressures me to work hard in studies. I also love touring and traveling thus leading to more spending and the ultimate frustration due to financial difficulties.

A Discussion on how to Better Deal with Stressors

To I need to make some changes to lower my stress levels. First, I need to reduce spending to solve financial difficulties. I also need to have personal ambitions in studies because people are talented and gifted differently.

The specific change in my coping strategies is a change in social life. I should not live under the influence of peer-pressure; instead, I need to have personal ambitions.

Covering this chapter has changed my perception about stress in various ways. The section has caused me to understand that everyone has stress though at varying levels. From the information gained, I acknowledge the fact that there is a direct connection between my stress level with health and everyday life. Daily activities determine the level of stress which in turn determines my health.

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