Personal Profile - Free Essay Example

Published: 2019-11-11
Personal Profile - Free Essay Example
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I am an ambitious, punctual and intelligent individual with a strong experience in business analysis, and customer service. I am a third year student in BSc (Hons) International Political Economy and seeking for a Graduate position in your company.

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Bloomberg Market Concepts -September 2016

This e-learning course gave me the understanding of finance concepts. I became familiar with the main functions of Bloomberg Terminal. I also improved my reading and interpreting financial data skills.

City University London (UK)-September 2014 June 2017

BSc (Hons) International Political Economy (Third Year) 2:1 (expected)


Microeconomics and Macroeconomics: These modules helped me to understand how to use graphical and algebraic modeling to analyze the economy and economic policy.

Modern World Economy, Political Economy, Concepts, and Markets. Comparative Political Economy, Economic reasoning: These modules developed my understanding of key concepts, theories, and issues in the political economy field of the global political economy nowadays.

Global Money and Finance: I learned how to analyse the workings of the financial system, and examine some of the current policy dilemmas related to the functioning of money and banking, financial institutions, and financial systems, in different economic contexts.

Foreign Policy Analysis: I received the knowledge in the relation between Foreign Policy Analysis and wider theories of International Politics, International Relations and Economics.

Quantitative Modules: Data Analysis, Statistics, Producing Social Data, Quantitative Analysis of Social Research Data, Applied Multivariate Data. I learned how to Prepare, enter and manipulate quantitative data, apply statistical techniques of data and interpret accurately statistical analysis from computer output. I received training in the use of three types of software: Excel, Stata, and SPSS.

University of Westminster (UK) -August 2013 July 2014

UG Business and Management 62% (received)

The program combines a condensed University Foundation Year with a Certificate of Higher Education in Business and Management, equivalent to the first year of a bachelors degree

Modules: Accounting, Management, Business Information Systems, Marketing Principles, Research Methods for Business, Law for Business, Human Resource for Business Management, Introduction to Economics.

Moscow Centre for Education No2006 (Russia) September 2000 - June 2012

5 out of 5 all subjects


OOO ABC (Moscow, Russia) -June 2016 September 2016

Business Analyst Internship

The company has been successfully supplying the cars from Japan and Korea to the Russian market for more than 15 years. During this internship, I was able to use my skills in STATA, SPSS, and Search Engine Optimization. My responsibility was working with data and sharing with different departments (Sales, Operations, Accounting) I had to do a research and develop and compile the analytical reports to assist internal strategies and external management information production for our clients to support business reviews. Here I learned how to collaborate with different departments within the company. I developed such extraordinary skills as teamwork, creative problem solving, decision making, organisation and time management, written and verbal communication, research, and analytical skills.

Camden Market Group (London, UK)-June 2014 - July 2015

Customer Service Advisor

Everything5pounds is part of group. It is a website that offers high street fashion for just one price. As a part of Customer service team, I was responsible for managing customer complaints received through inbound calls. I have managed to operate with various working platforms such as osCammerce Administration, Sage pay, PayPal and Microsoft Office. I developed excellent time management skills and learned multi-task. I also learned how to be a good problem solver with meticulous attention to detail.


Russian Language (fluently), French Language (Intermediate)


Sports. I love skiing. I am a member of Siberian skiing society in Russia.

Literature. Love reading Classic English and Russian literature.

Travel: I have travelled extensively and have visited several countries in Europe and Africa.

Music: I play piano and sing.

Finance. I love reading The Economist and The Financial News.

References, Results and Certificates available upon request.

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