Free Essay on the Ted Talk Video on Cesar Harada

Published: 2019-11-18
Free Essay on the Ted Talk Video on Cesar Harada
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The Ted Talk video featuring Cesar Harada focuses on developing an efficient oil spill technology to curb pollution of water bodies.

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Question One

In essence, this technology embodies the concept of project management, which involves organizing, coordinating, and controlling a sequence of tasks to achieve a particular goal (Swink, 2011). Subdividing total work into smaller units is also a crucial concept of project management (Swink, 2011).

Question Two

Organizing a sequence of tasks is a concept that ensures each activity is fully implemented according to project specifications. Activities in Haradas protei development included modifying sailing technologies such as fitting rudders, improving maneuverability, and enhancing balance. The activities of the project above were conducted by engineers from different regions such as Korea, New Orleans, and Netherlands. Subdivision into smaller tasks ensures the effective completion of the project.

Question Three

Ideally, Harada was trying to create a real change by abandoning the use of fishing boats to clean natural patterns of oil in water. Instead, he advocated the use of an open-source solution to modify traditional sailing techniques, which he considered cheap and efficient (Harada, 2012). Question Four

At the workplace, malicious software might attack information systems and impair operational efficiency. For this case, an open-source solution entails generating source codes of particular anti-viruses to counter the attacks and enhance the safety of information. Essentially, such a solution is cost-friendly to an organization.

Question Five

According to Farrell (2011), shallow and depleted oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico region is an example of an external factor that caused the oil spill. BP resorted to drilling deeper wells, which increased pressure. As well, rapid technological advancements in the oil industry led to trial and error methods of testing new production tactics, which affected the quality of computer simulated approaches (Farrell, 2011).

Question Six

Some of the project management skills used by Cesar include leadership, team management, and personal organization. Through these skills, he manages to administer his engineering team, manage resources, and develop appropriate designs to avoid risks (Harada, 2012). I utilized the same skills while undertaking a business development project, which ensured effective management of my team members.

Question Seven

Currently, my innovative idea concerns the implementation of electric bicycles. I believe it qualifies to be a capstone project since most research and development deal with electric vehicles.

Question Eight

From the video, I have learned that passion, perseverance, thinking small, and teamwork are vital in bolstering innovation. Harada displays all these attributes, which improves his creativity and contributes to the success of his project.


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