Letter of Intent for Master of Engineering Leadership in Clean Energy

Published: 2019-06-19
Letter of Intent for Master of Engineering Leadership in Clean Energy
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Environmental sustainability is the most crucial current factor for any social, economic and political development on any global platform. As an electronic engineer, my passion is to promote clean sources of energy through new or improvised inventions that suit the recent situation facing the energy industry. Through a BSC in Electrical Engineering-Electronics from Azad University Central and a professional course in Financial and Management Accounting, I have acquired adequate analytical and practical skills to engage states and countries in the promotion of clean energy.

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Awareness and protection of the environment complement any field of engineering since most of the activities incorporate energy into production. The use of wood as fuel and coal that emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere any other form of energy that pollutes the environment should be mitigated at all levels. Being part of Vancouver BC, a city geared towards being the greenest city globally, the management and technical skills acquired through Master of Engineering Leadership in Clean Energy will be adequately acquired and utilized. Vancouver is one of the cities that are highly affected by the use of non-pure energy resources and the mastery of technical production of clean energy through the sustainable use of resources that can be replenished will be essential. It is vital to note that, while supplying new ducts with an intention of increasing efficiency in power plants, encouraging clean energy that emits less toxic substances into the atmosphere is critical.

In the course of the study, I expect to develop sustainable management skills in energy production through the use of replenish able resources and less polluting resources. Adapting methods that will ensure Vancouver BC emerges the greenest city in the world through the consumption of clean energy. I have envisioned establishing the best alternative method as opposed to the current methods used for the production of energy through both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

I have worked as a project manager, sales consultant, and project coordinator with an experience of two years. Through the knowledge acquired, I will be able to sell the idea of clean energy to most industries, households, and development projects through informed negotiation capacity and well-calculated plans. Coordinating the ideas and putting into practice will be effective based on my experience in management and coordination. Since the procedures require the use of funds to build or purchase the right energy storage and transmission facilities, development of energy policies and energy efficiency, my professional financial and management skills will come in handy during the process. Balancing the advanced theoretical evidence in the field of engineering and applying the knowledge to the real world are effective for the development of technical leadership skills hence, enabling clean energy production through appropriate leadership methods.

The comprehensive curriculum and technical business skills offered by the program are crucial and will enhance my performance as an environmental advocate of clean technologies in engineering methods. I have the ability to grasp new concepts fast and work under pressure, and this spirit will ensure the environmental engineering leadership project in clean energy production is achieved. Through securing a chance to Master of Engineering Leadership in Clean Energy from the University of British Columbia, it will be possible to further my career visions and facilitate leadership in clean, sustainable energy production and storage methods in Vancouver BC.

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