Free Essay about The Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication 1 and San Pasqual War

Published: 2022-03-11
Free Essay about The Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication 1 and San Pasqual War
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The Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication (MCDP) 1, Warfighting is a well-thought-out document that helps people to understand the art of war. The content of the document can be used to relate to the past wars that defined how war can be won and the consequences of war. According to MCDP 1, for people to take part in a war effectively, they need to understand the nature of the war as the first step (Dunaway, 2013). When marines are in the field, they can make mistakes and errors in judgment, that is why strategies used should not rest squarely on the marines in the field. In this paper, a relationship between the episodes of the battle of San Pasqual.

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The San Pasqual War

The Battle of San Pasqual occurred during the Mexican-American war in a valley that is today known as San Pasqual Valley in California. According to other people San Pasqual war is known to them as spelled San Pasqual (Hicks Dunn, 2013). The war ended by both of the parties claiming to have won the battle. It is one of the wars between the Mexican soldiers and American soldiers that is known as the most provocative war ever. The war occurred in 1846, December on 6th and 7th. The two army had a unique occurrence, for example, the army of Kearney fought effectively at the hills of Mule hills and their opponents could not remove them from that hill. To the other opponents led by Pico, his army remained focused and showed fight effectiveness even after the battle was over.

The Relationship between MCDP 1 and the Events of San Pasqual War

Understanding the controversy in the battle, where both parties claimed victory. To some extent, one can say that victory in war is in the mind, as expressed in the many expressions in the MCDP 1, one can have the notion that war is mostly in the mind. According to the definition in the MCDP 1, war can be defined as a violent clash between two organized groups, or among many groups of people with military force characteristics (Dunaway, 2013). This definition is the first aspect of the relationship between the battle of San Pasqual and the contents of the MCDP. The battle of 6th and 7th of the year 1946 at San Pasqual Valley was an organized military event that became part of world history.

The way in which the war took place included bot the marine and the military, the MCDP 1 describes the psychology of the marine, this can be applied in what transpired in the war at San Pasqual valley. According to MCDP 1, the onset of war is dictated by the imposed will on soldiers and marines to fight. This can apply to any group of warmongers with military characteristics (Dunaway, 2013). However, in this case, the imposed will to fight was seen in the marines fighting against military after being instructed by their leaders who were major Pico and General Kearny. Soldier usually do not have a mind of their own, they usually follow the commands given to them without question. This kind of imposition of will is what is expressed in the MCDP1.

Again, in understanding the San Pasqual war, one needs to elaborately explain the concept of friction. According to MCDP 1, friction in war is the result of war, suffering and the pain that soldiers go through. This can be applied in the case of the Kearny's soldiers who were tired, hungry and nursing various injuries that they had sustained during the war (Dunaway, 2013). Understanding the concept of war, right from the onset to the aftermath consequences needs that one understands what friction is. It was, probably, the concept of friction that made both sides to feel that they had won the battle. That is, once soldiers feel that they have hurt the opponents more than they are hurt, they feel like they are the heroes, however, the pain and suffering is on both sides.

Lastly, uncertainty about the measure of success in the war makes people feel they have won a war, when the may actually be the losers in the war, even by their definition. The uncertainties in wars lead to confusions and increased friction. The uncertainties can be can be looked into in terms of the lack of knowledge about the preparedness of the opponents at war among others (Dunaway, 2013). The uncertainties lead to the use of probabilities that people use to define a war as a loss on both sides. Sometimes, the uncertainties in war lead to the element of surprise, for example, people engaging in combat can fail to know what plans the opponents have.


For one to relate the MCDP 1 to any war, it is important that the philosophy of war described in the document is well understood. That way, relating the two, MCDP1 and any war, such as the battle of San Pasqual, becomes important in understanding the successes and the failures of such wars. Philosophy of war is important in collecting the views of others in regards to war. Such views are important in understanding what war is, the dangers of war as well as the best mindset that people need to have as they prepare and take part in any war.


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Hicks Dunn, D. R. (2013). Strategies for Survival: Indian Transitions in the Mountains of San Diego County, 1846-1907 (Doctoral dissertation, UC Riverside).

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