Essay Example about Water Advertisements

Published: 2022-03-23
Essay Example about Water Advertisements
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It started in 1999 by Coca-Cola Company. It was initiated after a successful launch of Aquafina by Coca-Cola's rival PepsiCo. The product captured local and international markets becoming a dominant water brand in many nations. Dasani water is tapped from the local water supply, filtered and added minerals then bottled. Its packaging material compromises of the 30% of the company's manufacturing material. It is also compatible with standards recycling plants reduce carbon emissions which surpasses the standards of other water packages.

Fiji water

Fiji water is a brand that was initiated by Fiji Company in 1996. Fiji water is packaged in five packaging bottles of 330, 500, 700ml, 1 liter and 1.5ltr. Fiji Company sources its water from the artesian aquifer in Viti Levu, an island in Fiji. Fiji Company packages its water locally then ships it to various local and international markets. Its packaging material meets FDA standards hence recyclable by conventional recycling plants.


It was developed in 2002 by Nestle Waters to provided bottled water to North America. Nestle Company produces bottled water products based on the region it intends to sell the product. Nestle is manufactured at Aberfoyle Springs. Nestle is a purified water product that is packaged in plastic bottles that meet FDA standards.


It was a product of Ozarka Spring Water Company that was later acquired by Nestle Water Company. Ozarka was founded in Eureka Springs where it sources its water from Texas natural springs. The water products sell mostly in states that fall under the south and western parts of the United States. After the acquisition, the sourcing and production of the bottled water fell under the management of Nestle Company.

Deer Park

It is produced by the Deer Park Water Company that is a subsidiary of Nestle Company. It was founded in 1873 earning the tagline "That's Good Water" in Pennsylvania. Its water sources are in the springs in Pennsylvania where it is also produced then markets in different parts of the USA. It is natural spring water that contains various concentrations of natural minerals.

Crystal Geyser

It is a water product initiates in 1990 by Crystal Geyser Water Company. The water product captures natural water sources in California. The water is bottled packages varying from 500ml to 1 gallon to satisfy consumer needs and that have ergonomic carrying straps. It packaging bottle is environmentally friendly as it meets the set FDA standards.

Smart Water

It is a product of Coca-Cola Company that was launched in 1996 in the UK. It is inspired by cloud water which is taped, vapor-distilled than added with electrolytes for taste. It is sold in both local and international markets. Like other Coca-Cola products, its packaging meets FDA standards and produces fewer carbon emissions when recycled.



It has an agreeableness personality. This promotion personality focuses on environmental friendliness to ensure that it is sustainable. People with such character agree with Dasani's motivation where it seeks to reduce carbon emissions. It is motivated by environment conversation which is a topic where the society accepts.


It has a conscientiousness personality. Its promotion advert emphasizes the needs of people who seek naturally sourced products. It emphasis by using a brand image of a mountain to present its natural water sources. The need to improve consumer lifestyle motivates it. Its tagline ensures that cautious people have attracted to its product as it promotes healthy living.


Its advert focuses on people who have cautious personality. Such people ensure that they maintain optimal body conditions at all times such as being hydrated and healthy at all times. The primary need for water motivates the advert. It provides body hydration, improves healthy living and ensures an active lifestyle.

Smart water

It focuses on extroverts. These people are willing to try new products and have new experiences. Smart water incorporates production technology that is not available for other water products. It is motivated by the need to create new experiences for its consumers who like trying out new products.

Poland Springs

It attracts people who are socially responsible and are cautious about what they consume. Its advert emphasizes its natural quality and the environment-friendly packaging which are crucial for these personalities. It is motivated by promoting a sustainable environment, as well as consumers having healthy lifestyles.

Fiji water

This product attracts extroverts and people who have a luxurious lifestyle. From its packaging style to the sources of its water, Fiji water attracts extravagant people. It also emphasizes on the quality of its product to sell value. Style and luxury motivate it. It promotes value of natural water to its consumers.

Deer Park.

Cost-minimizers and cautious people are the primary focus for this product. It is not a premium product hence the prices are product friendly. It also emphasizes on natural sources for cautions people. It is motivated by capturing a significant market share and increasing consumer value.

Crystal Geyser

It has a cautious personality for people who prefer organic products. Its water sources are natural according to its advert. It is motivated by the need to promote a healthy lifestyle and attract a vast market share.


Ads- it focuses on the origin of its natural sources of water. It advertises 100% inherent quality. It attracts cautious people who are also introverts who prefer spring water sources. The need for a healthy lifestyle motivates it.

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