Free Essay: Technology Has Made the World a Better Place to Live

Published: 2022-10-14
Free Essay: Technology Has Made the World a Better Place to Live
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For many centuries now, human beings have always come up with things that help solve various problems they encounter and more importantly make their world and lives better. Technology is one of the things that human being have developed to make their lives better. Technology is the collection of processes, methods, skills, and techniques that are used in the production of different services and goods or in some cases to achieve specific goals such as scientific investigation (Coiro et al. 45). Since the 20th century, technology has reached an unimaginable level where human beings almost entirely depend on for most of their activities be it transport, health, communication, education, and entertainment among others. Many people especially those born in late 20th and early 21 centuries can have a hard time living without technology as they interact with it minute after minute. Nevertheless, there those people who believe that technology has exposed people to more danger as it is easy for criminals and people with bad intentions will to access personal information and use it against the owners while others argue that the climate has been significantly affected by technology. Technology, however, has many advantages than the disadvantages. Technology has made our world a better place to live in by making the lives of people more wonderful, comfortable, and convenient through its impact on health, transportation, and education and communication sector.

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Technology has improved and transformed education in many parts of the world. The arrival of computers and the internet has broadened the information that students and educators access meaning that they are more equipped to learn and investigate new things. Many students today not only do they have computers or smartphones to help them with their homework or any other sort of school work, but they also use the internet to research new things while their teachers can use technology to improve their lessons (Al-Hariri and Al-Hattami 83). One crucial aspect of technology on education is its contribution to research. The internet is filled with information that helps both teachers and the students to gather and use the information to expand their knowledge regarding various fields (Goldin and Katz. 49).

Moreover, technology has helped many students to move across the world without fearing the language barrier. Numerous software help students learn and understand a foreign language meaning that they can exchange information with other students and discover ways to solve various problems that the world faces. Through the help of technology, students are now able to learn while doing other income-generating activities through the support of distance learning. Many colleges and universities offer different technology correspondence courses online meaning that time wastage is minimized and student can continue with their lives as they learn (Goldin and Katz. 54). Education is vital for any society or the world to progress. Technology has improved the level of education offered to many students and this has led to many discoveries that have makes the world a better place to live in.

Technology has connected many people in the world enabling them to share and spread ideas on various ways to improve their lives. Through different technological platforms such as Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Pinterest among other, people can talk to each other regardless of the location they are in the world (Samovar et al. 48). This is something that would have been impossible to achieve were it not for technology. On these online programs, people can understand and learn about other nation's cultural practices, behaviors, and ways of doing business. Moreover, technology has made a communication to be fast and efficient as messages that used to take months to reach their destination can now do so in a matter of seconds (Goodman-Deane et al. 620). Emails and various social media platforms relay information so fast and this help people share relevant information regarding health, security, and well-being of people. If for instance there is an outbreak of a disease, wildfire, gunshot incidence, technology usually help people to share vital information that ends up saving the lives of many individuals (Samovar et al. 56).

Moreover, through technology, authors, entertainers, and other artist have a worldwide audience expanding to billions of people. This means that their creations will reach many people improving their income and at the same time sending an important message to a broader audience. All in all, when technology is used well in communication, it makes the world a better place by helping people form positive relationships and share ideas that help preserve our planet.

Transportation of people and people across the world has been positively impacted by improvement in technology. Transportation is one of the most critical aspects in the life of a modern day human being. People depend on transportation to reach their workplace, connect with their families, to do business, and to get their daily food among other things. Technology has made locomotion of the things necessary in a human being's life faster and efficiently (Brotchie et al. 420). Moreover, goods move from the continent to the other in hours through fast means of transformation such as the use of airplanes and jets meaning that international trade is much improved by technology. Goods that used to take months to reach a destination can now do it in a faster way significantly enhancing trade between nations.

Moreover, an efficient transport system is key to the economic development of any country and incorporating technology in the transportation sector has to enable nations to grow their gross domestic product improving the lives of many people across the world (Banister and Stead 620). Many countries depend on the tourism sector to generate national income, and one of the critical ways to realize the full potential of the tourism sector is by having a robust and effective transport system (Brotchie et al. 401). Technology has opened up countries for tourist to come and leave and in the process bringing some income that helps governments to offer better services to its citizens. On the other hand, tourist and other travelers learn and get entertained by things the new thing they have seen in many of these countries. Technology is critical in the transportation sector and transportation is essential in the lives of many people across the world.

The healthcare sector has been significantly improved by various technology development enhancing the lives of many people. The modern healthcare sector heavily depends on the technology for most of its operations (Beratarrechea et al. 72). The key to successful healthcare has well-equipped staff and technology has made many healthcare professionals access a wide variety of information regarding patient care (Alotaibi, and Federico 1173). This information contains the latest and most techniques that help in improving the quality of care given to patients. Nurses and other healthcare professionals can share idea through various technological platforms regarding patient care and more importantly how they can overcome challenges they face in their workplaces. Technology in healthcare helps improve communication among healthcare professionals eliminating many errors that could have undermined patient care. Healthcare professionals can communicate not only among themselves but also with their patients. They can use technology to educate their patients, or warn them of a healthcare outbreak improving their wellbeing (Beratarrechea et al. 74).

Additionally, the use of technologies such telemedicine or telehealth, mobility and mobile apps, and electronic medical records has significantly led to better quality care of a patient by making various healthcare facilities perform more efficiently (Beratarrechea et al. 73). Moreover, technology has influenced the discovery of new medicine and treatment procedures that help save the lives of many individuals across the world. Diseases such as cancer, chronic kidney failure and heart disease among others can now be treated easily through various technological developments meaning that the world becomes a better place for many people to live in. A disease that used to deadly such as malaria, tuberculosis, and chicken pox among others can now be contained, and millions of lives are saved each year through the help of technology (Alotaibi, and Federico 1173). This shows that technology makes a better world by providing practical solutions to the health problems that humans face.

In conclusion, technology has made the world a better place for people to live in by making their lives more wonderful, comfortable, and convenient. This happens through its positive impact on through its effects on health, transportation, and education and communication sectors. Technology has improved the educational sector significantly by equipping students and teachers with tools that they use to study and teach respectively. Students can after that use education to come up with solutions to human problems. Technology has also enabled people to communicate more effectively and in the process sharing valuable information that helps improve their lives. The transformation sector has substantially improved through the help of technology meaning that nations can trade and grow their economy. Lastly, the healthcare sector today relies heavily on technology which has enabled it to improve the quality of care given to patients and solve many medical problems. All in all, despite its shortcomings, technology has made the world we live in a better place by improving important sectors that people depend on.

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