Healthy Parenting Essay Sample

Published: 2022-04-08
Healthy Parenting Essay Sample
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Today, it is easier for individuals to forget about their family history due to the increased use of the social media platforms which gives the users a false feeling of the virtual family. Thus, societies across the world are slowly losing track of their family histories contrary to what existed before the age of social media. For this reason, I have decided to select my blood family, my parents, and siblings who have always been there in every situation I have faced. The picture above is a photo of my family after a meal together. I come from a family of five, which includes my father, who is the head of the family, my mother, and the three of us, my two siblings and I.

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The picture is a true representation of healthy parenting. Parenting which refers to the process of promoting as well as supporting the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of a child from his or her early stages as an infant to adulthood is vividly depicted in the photo. Healthy parenting is determined by the ability of the parents to express love as evident from the smiles in the photo. My parents always make a point to unite the family during the meals in which we would share a word or two about the history of our family. During these times, we learn a lot from them concerning our family history. Their teachings have been vital to our understanding of the world as well as our relations with other families and friends. My parents have always utilized these times to get to know from us how we are doing in school and our social lives.

According to Nelson et al. (2014), the ability to express love and affection to the children outdoes every positive parenting skill. Parents ought to tell their children how much they are loved in every opportunity they can find. It is only through expressing love to the children that they can learn to love in return (Doinita & Maria, 2015). From the picture, considering the sitting arrangement and the facial expressions of my parents, they often implement the authoritative style of parenting. They often give us the best and in return, expect the best from us. The family is best described by the parenting styles theory which relates the behaviours of the children to their parents (Bachleitner & Weichbold, 2015).

The picture depicts a loving and caring parents who create time to be with their children. Thus, from the family, I understand the importance of coming together to share meals and discuss issues that affect the family. The topic is an eye opener as it is critical to help the students identify the importance of the family and see the need of coming together. The topic is also helpful in understanding the various theories and styles of parenting.

The research method implemented in this study which is visual sociology is essential in understanding the visual dimensions of social life. The method combines the role of sight and vision to bring out the meaning of any given social organization such as a family. The topic has been a revelation to me. I have noted the love and affection that my parents often express to us. The subject has also made me learn of the style of parenting utilized by my parents which is regarded as the best.


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