Free Essay on How I Developed My English Reading

Published: 2020-04-28
Free Essay on How I Developed My English Reading
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The English language is considered as one of the official languages used globally. Learning the English language has been a process since fluency not only depends on spoken art but also on reading as well as writing. Many people finds it difficult to read English language effectively; however reading English is less involving and can be done as a hobby to some people. This activity will involve the interpretation of characters and understanding the meanings they portray in them. Reading therefore is a helpful art that I valued in order to develop my fluency in English language. As much as practicing reading could be tiresome at some point, I deployed the hereinafter processes that lead to my success (COMMODARI and GUARNERA).

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English reading starts with the preparation of what you would want to read. These involves different topics as well as books of interest. As a child, I could go for childrens books that contained light grammar as well as pictures that could give me the exact visual interpretation of the scenario. Progressively, I proceeded to reading different articles of the newspapers that talks of ideas and specific issues. With this, I could be able to pronounce exact words with the intended meanings in the article. Most of the articles I usual chose were interesting art works that would give me morale to look for more articles, not for any other reason , but to read and understand; therefore, my English reading skills improved.

Through periodic visit to the library, I could choose books depending on my interests. Since I loved science fictions, I preferred articles and books of such stuffs. The library contains different books that fits different levels, I could go for books that are within my level of progress. Apart from science fiction books, I preferred comic books as well as books that contain formal words. Reading, according to me; could mean something habitual; something that makes me enjoy the experience of what I do.

As much as I could chose good books and articles to read, the choice of the place to read mattered a lot to me. I needed full concentration with my chosen articles and therefore, I looked for a place with the highest concentration; with a conducive environment for reading. The library environment was my best place due to the silence it portrayed. I could avoid reading in places where there is movement of people because this could attract my attention deviating from reading. In addition, I could read at home when it is quiet to improve my English reading skills.

Time for reading really mattered to me. I usually enjoyed reading at the time I had nothing else to do. I spent most of my leisure time reading article just to make me improve my English reading skills. My strategies on reading at my leisure time was not only to entertain me but also to make me learn how to read faster.

Getting the urge to read is not that easy but according to me, it was simple. Through choosing at books that have visual interpretation of ideas and more interesting titles, I would develop a need to read such articles. When I get such articles, I could take my time to read them carefully and understand the content in them. The worst thing I never did during my English reading process is trying as much as possible to avoid skimming for pages. I believed skimming would make me less proficient in obtaining ideas as well as skills in reading English (Mansor et al.).

By paying attention to the best pronunciation of syllables, I could find it interesting to learn English reading. My pronunciation was also effected by listening to audio books as I follow the text at the same time, this also improved my word recognition skills. As much as reading would be interesting and educative, I tried as much as possible to receive what is enough for me. I usual create breaks between the reading hours not only to make reading a fun, but also enjoyable. I would continue forthwith after breaks when there is urge lest preoccupy in other stuffs.

I could reread some materials I find much interesting and enjoyable to improve my English reading skills. Also, through rereading articles, I could be able to capture the ideas as well as the pronunciation that were not well understood in the preceding readings. In order to understand difficult meaning of word, I could use context clues. Context clues could enable me figure out what the writer mean according to how words are used in sentences. In addition, I could memorize some text I find interesting to make me have confident on what am reading.

In conclusion, as much as different people have different motives on developing reading skills in English, with no doubt, my strategy was the best among the best since I can read fluently in English with the correct pronunciation of words and the correct accent that the Standard English portrays.


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