Free Essay Sample on Technology and Bullying

Published: 2018-01-15
Free Essay Sample on Technology and Bullying
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Bullying is as old as humanity but it us a very dynamic concept. The changes experienced as a result of technology in the 21st century only accelerated the effects of bullying on a victim as compared to how it was viewed in the 18th century. With the internet, mobile phones and computer and other electronic devices, the bullying landscape has considerably changed. This paper aims at examining the influence of bullying by technology put into the context of “Twelfth Night.”

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Some of the ways that technology accelerated bullying are that it increases the chances of a bulling audience. Bullying messages can be spread all through to other people, and the effect of this is much worse compared to face to face bullying as only those present can witness the scene, but with mobile phones available the message can be sent to others with the aim of tarnishing the person’s name. Also with technology, the bully’s identity can remain anonymous, and this gives the bully more power over the bullied victim.

In the past, bullying ended when the victim withdrew from the scene. Unfortunately, today it is a different case and harder to ignore and contain. An example is that if someone bully’s you on Facebook, many of your friends in your social circle are likely to know about it when they log in. The situation gets worse when they give their personal comments, either accelerating the position or giving a helping word, the disgrace becomes more and leaves the victim feeling worse.

Twelfth Night Analysis

“The bullying of the twelfth night” is a play by shake sphere written about the twelve days of after the 25th December when the celebration of the season ends. In the play, Malvolio, Olivia’s steward is a bully and negative about everything and everyone. He bully’s Clown When he talks to Olivia about Clown, he says that Clown is a barren rascal with a brain no more than a stone. If it were this was happening today, the effect then would have been worse as the sentiments would have spread like wildfire to many other people, not just the three of them witness who were present. Many more people would have known how Clown was bullied by Malvolio's (Shakespeare 143).

As depicted in the play, Clown walked out with ease to avoid that environment where he was being bullied. However, it this happened in the present day, walking away would not have been a long lasting solution as the spread of the effect would have been worse with no safe place to go and hide. This would, however, have psychological implications for the victim especially in it is the bullying is repeated on the same victim over and over again.

Further, Malvolio bullies Sir Toby Belch. This happens when he tell him that his lady, Maria has ruled him as one of her kin, that she has nothing to do with the disorders of Sir Toby and only when he separates himself from his misdemeanors will he be welcomed in the house and he leaves (Shakespeare 145).

Fortunately, Malvolio is made to taste his own medicine when Maria, Sir Toby, and Sir Andrew plot to make him suffer for bullying them in the past. They made him dress in and act in a silly manner.

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