Free Essay for Everyone: Techniques to Make Oneself Study

Published: 2017-07-10
Free Essay for Everyone: Techniques to Make Oneself Study
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I think it`s safe to say that we can all come to an agreement that we would so rather be out with friends, having a good time, rather than sitting down and studying something that we most likely waited too late to study for. Cramming in last-minute studying is something we all regret doing but continue to do it anyway. Over time, we learn the hard way. Some of us make a change with this kind of situation and some of us don`t. I, myself, can happily say that I have made myself some techniques to make myself study and not cram it into the night before or the morning of the test.

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One technique, that I would have to say is my top technique out of the three I have, is rewarding myself. Everyone loves a reward, so why not put it to something you would never think to use it for. When I go to study, I make myself a positive reward out of it. The biggest reward I give myself is using my phone for ten minutes between studying. This century loves being on our phones and many of us have a hard time disconnecting from them for a good period of time to get done something important. For example, I will study a half hour of information at a time before I use my phone for ten minutes in between. Ten minutes might not sound like a lot after studying for a half hour, but for me, that ten-minute reward after studying information is enough to motivate me.

Another technique that`s my second favorite when it comes to studying is flashcards. Flashcards are the key to studying almost anything. It`s a good memorization technique and it`s a really good way to differ between the information you know really well to the information you still need to work on studying. With the flashcards, something that really helps me is color. With each subject or topic I am studying, I make it a specific color. When it comes to the test, when I come to a question with a specific topic, I think back to the color I made it and it helps bring back the information. Flashcards are something I have used for years to help me study and they`ve never failed me.

The last technique I use isn`t something I think everyone can agree on. With me, listening to music during homework is a definite. I can get done homework really fast while listening to music, no matter what the topic is. When it comes to studying, I am the total opposite. I need all my focus on the topic that I am studying and I can`t have any distractions around me. Being in a silent room, with a study partner is something I`ve learned over time, works for me.

These are the top three techniques that I find most helpful when it comes to me studying for any topic in school or even for a job. Rewards, flashcards or writing something down and silence with a study partner are the best techniques for me while studying. Everyone`s techniques differ but I think it`s safe to say that a lot of people could try a couple of these and find out that they could work for them too. They`re common studying techniques that I would recommend to anyone that asks for advice with their study sessions.

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