Essay Sample on Problems That Have Emerged With the Residents During Group Meetings

Published: 2023-08-30
Essay Sample on Problems That Have Emerged With the Residents During Group Meetings
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The research is used to find the reason behind several problems that have emerged with the residents during group meetings and after recreational therapy services. When reporting during individual therapy sessions, residents find it challenging to describe how the recreational therapy activity for the week has helped them with the resolution of their issues. This observation has triggered the boss to ask me to perform a study and answer the question of what might be the cause of this problem among the residents. To arrive at the question, I used various study methods, such as giving questionnaires to some of the residents in the residential treatment center. Through the questionnaire, I gave several questions that the residents were to answer, such as the reason behind some of their failure to participate in the group meeting. I interviewed some of the residents in the facility to try to determine the root cause of the problem. The survey was my last method to use where I used a sample of residents whom my study was based on.

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Through the above study method, I was able to arrive at the most common cause of problems among the residents. Failure to give resident motivation was the most common problem that the management of the organization had neglected. My research, therefore, intended to answer the question of the effects of not giving motivation to members of the residential treatment center and the impact it had on their cooperation in the organization. Motivating people in the organization is one of the fundamental steps towards its success. Motivation can be done in many ways, but the objective is to make members feel appreciated and that someone is thinking and taking care of them (Barcelona, 2019). Letting residents be aware that the organization trusts them and believes in what they do will bring cohesion among the members. It was also necessary for the management to give the member the purpose of recreation therapy service and how it had a positive impact on their health. The research hence tried to find how a lack of motivation in the group members impacted the problem the organization was having.

The Objective of the Study

The objective of this study was to explain the role of motivation in the residential treatment center and how the problem had brought a lack of trust and cohesion among the group. The research was to describe the role of resident motivation in increasing productivity during group meetings and ensuring that people are eager to participate in various aspects of the organization. The study was also intended to analyze multiple psychological theories that would lead to resident's motivation, why some people are behaving in a particular manner, and how motivation will be aroused and maintained. Many of the residents were complaining about being sore, including pain in their muscles. My research was hence to know the root cause of this pain and why the majority are complaining about it since it is not common for all to have the same problem without having a common source of it. The research hence wanted to know if the pain experienced by these residents was as a result of recreation therapy they were performing or was brought about by all having a psychological disorder. The study was also meant to unveil the reason behind residents in their recreation therapy group, not opening up and participate in the various discussion of the session. My research intended to understand why most of them fail to understand the need of contributing to any debate that is brought during the meeting since some of them were quiet, which abnormal behavior in the organization is.

Problem Statement

One of the fundamental tasks of the management is motivating the workforce of an organization to work and participate more effectively to achieve organizational goals. Organizations can motivate members by offering necessary rewards for a satisfactory performance and guiding them so that they can feel like a part of the recreation therapy group. A myriad of studies has been conducted regarding individual therapy session and their satisfaction in the process, as well as on various combination thereof. The relationship between all these constructs has, however, not adequately addressed the issue. In this regard, this study was aimed to add to the body of knowledge in this particular domain of organizational psychology. A variety of factors motivate people at work, some of which are tangible, such as money, and some are intangible, such as the sense of achievement. Although members of recreation therapy derive satisfaction for different reasons, this research is explicitly concerned with an investigation of the relationship between motivation during recreation therapy time and its effects on them not participating in the group meeting.

Limitation of the Study Method Used to Arrive at the Question

The major limitation of the method used to arrive at the question regarding the problem experience with some of the residents in the recreation therapy session is that some of the respondents were very busy to answer to the matter at hand. Getting an appointment to perform an interview with them was hence a difficult task to do. However, as a researcher, my determination to find the answers to the issue I was addressing was not halted, and I made sure that I met them at their convenient time. Confidentiality was also an issue whereby most respondents were unwilling to reveal information for fear of it being used against them in the future. I was able to counter this fear by assuring them that the study was meant for their well-being in the organization, and their information will be treated with the confidentiality they desire.

Assumption of the study

The assumptions were that the sample collected represented the view of most of the residents in the organization. The methods of the data collection used were accurate and valid to enhance the acquisition of the required data. The last assumption was that the respondents answered my questions correctly and truthfully.

Literature Review


Motivation is the core factor that contributes to the morale of individual within any given organization. This session will review how motivation affects the way individual carry themselves during therapy session. It is believed that lack of motivation among employees lowers their cohesion and cooperating with management is unsatisfactory. It is clearly observed that most resident in recreation therapy did not have the desire to cooperate with management and groups were performing poorly. The purpose of the literature review is to establish the subject matter and the theoretical framework that was used as a foundation for this research. The literature review will help to identify and articulate the knowledge gaps, thus ensuring that the study did not duplicate the already existing knowledge on reasons of lack of participation among members of the organization. The specific areas covered here are how motivating residents will impact their cooperation in the groups.

The literature review will ascertain whether the reason for some of the residents having muscle pain was as a result of what they did in the recreation therapy or it has something to do with them not interested in the treatment that was being offered in the organization. The Source of the literature review includes books, publications, journals, and literature from the internet. Through this analysis, I will be able to illustrate why I concluded that the above problem in the organization was majorly brought by a resident not feeling to be part of the process as a result of management not offering them enough motivation to enable them to move on with therapy session in a conventional manner. The review was organized in different sections, namely, motivation theories, leadership style to motivating members, recreation therapy satisfaction, motivation effects on cooperation, and cohesion among the members of recreation therapy, and factors contributing to muscle pain among many residents in the organization.

Motivation Theories

Motivation is the state of mind that directs someone towards a specific direction to achieve the desired goal. Motivation pushes people to be highly committed to what they are doing and help them to focus even on those issues that they are against them (Bandura, 2017). It is essential for the management to ensure that team members in the organization is motivated, which would lead to a reduction in some of the problem experienced. Various studies done by psychologists have come up with many findings in the form of motivation theories. These motivation theories will help in providing an understanding of the reasons behind a lack of cohesion among group members in the organization.

One of the theories that were proposed were the Maslow's hierarchy of needs which postulated that someone would be motivated more when his needs are addressed and fulfilled. The hierarchy of needs begins with the physiological level where a person needs are necessities, such as food, water, and shelter. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that members are satisfied with this need before they continue to perform their recreation therapy program. Safety, social, self-esteem, self- actualization are the next level of hierarchy proposed by Abraham Maslow (Ryan, 2017). To be specific social hierarchy dictate that the need for association, affiliation, and friendship should be attended to for them to work in recreation therapy without difficulties. The organization should also use McGregor's theory Y of motivation, which views these groups to be inherently motivated and eager to accept their responsibility. Management having trust with the people through implementation of theory Y will encourage them to perform their task as required and give them positive morale in doing their therapy.

How Poor Recreation Therapy Session on People Affect Their Health.

It was discovered that many residents experience muscle pain after the end of their recreation therapy session. The review wants to establish whether a lack of motivated desire to perform those sessions could have triggered them to do therapy in an unsatisfactory manner hence leading to body problems they were experiencing, such as muscle pains. Most individuals who incur muscle pains experience a shift in how they spend their time, especially if they instantly change how they were performing their leisure. If a person changes the way they were doing their recreation activities such as decreasing it, then the body would experience an instant change that may affect the muscle and cause the pain (Cahow, 2018). The problem would have come up as a result of physicians who were offering these services not adhering to the rules of the recreation therapy session and teaching their members in a wrong manner.

Leadership Style in the Organization

Leaders in the organization, especially in the recreation therapy session, should be people with leadership attributes that encourage members to perform their activities with the desire of their heart. Recreational leaders should plan, organize, and coordinate recreation activities for people to enjoy in their leisure time (Brown, 2016). Their leadership style should dictate good knowledge of understanding recreation theories and practices, and they should have the ability to stimulate members to have an interest in the therapy.

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