Essay Example on Cyber Defense Methods

Published: 2022-09-06
Essay Example on Cyber Defense Methods
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A discussion on cyber solution questions

Cyber defence is important for most entities in ensuring the protection of assets as well as protection the sensitive data. Cyber defence tends to be a computer defence mechanism that involves safeguarding essential infrastructure, response to various actions and data assurance for various firms and government entities. Cyber defence offers the needed assurance towards running activities and processes, without worrying about any threat. It also helps in improving the utilization of the security strategies and resources in the most convenient way possible (Averbuch & Siboni, 2013). The cyber defence also helps in enhancing the effectiveness of security expense and resources mainly in the vulnerable locations. Cyber defence mechanisms tend to change or develop with time depending on the current possible threats.

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The traditional methods of defense against cyber threats


This defence mechanism involves gathering information or data in their normal state, a then converting the information to a form that is not readable to the unauthorized personnel. This kind of defence mechanisms enabled the firms to eliminate any possibility of hacking or fabrication of the information stored in the system. Encryption ensures that the information remains confidential to the authorized personnel only, and prevents the altering of the original meaning of specific information. However, encryption does not effectively handle the computer security problems since if it is not well operated, it could result in reduced performance of the entire computer system.

Software controls

This defense mechanism involves the use of programs to ensure computer security. Programs are considered strong enough to avoid outside attack. However, the programs have to be developed and maintained to ensure the effectiveness of the security system. This defense mechanism ensured the information security by asking the user to enter a password to access the information. Software controls were implemented using various techniques and tools. For example information gathering, hardware components and the encryption (Charles & Shari, 2006). However, the primary goal of this defence mechanism was to ensure the ease of use of the stored information.

Policies and procedures.

This mechanism involves depending on the set policies instead of enforcing information security through software or hardware means. After the creation of policies, those using the system are trained on how to abide by the set policies that are to be implemented. Training ensures that the users are well aware of the purpose of the policy thus ensuring that they properly follow the set policies (Charles & Shari, 2006). The set policies and procedures also help to eliminate the commonality of belief where people believe that certain acts are harmful; therefore, the ethical and legal controls act as a key part of computer security.

The latest methods for cyber defense

Due to the increased global digital connectivity in the 21st century and the enhanced automation of all business operations for example through the use of computers has resulted to development of agility (Averbuch & Siboni, 2013). These current developments have triggered the intrusion of extremely high-level threats and enhanced the risk of cyber security. The increased risk of cyber-attack has led to the development of new cyber defence mechanisms that include

Hardware authentication.

The use of passwords and usernames make the stored information venerable since it is easy for the computer hackers to access the sensitive information. This has led to the development of an authentication strategy that tends to be more secure as compared to the traditional methods. This defense mechanism involves the use of a new Vpro processer that mainly makes use of various hardware components that tend to have enhanced factors that are effective for the user identification process. This mechanism is used primarily in internet connectivity, where it ensures that all the devices accessing that particular network have the right to access it. This acts as an effective strategy in the control of illegal access of information and manipulation of the already stored information.

Deep learning

Deep learning is composed of various technologies, for example, the artificial intelligence and machine learning. This defence mechanism mainly focuses on the anomalous behaviours whereby when the computer learning system is equipped with the information concerning the possible security threat that system itself can initiate decisions on how to avoid hacking without human involvement depending on the immediate environment. The defence method focuses on scrutinizing the different entities rather than the people who are actively involved in the access to the information (Schlacter, 2015). This defence method enables us to analyse the various entities that are within the enterprise, for example, the at the macro or micro levels. Organizations can, therefore, eliminate attack through the utilization of machine learning.

Cloud technology.

This defence method has been used by most government agencies to protect the tremendous amount of information that they store daily. The cloud technology is composed of various information security systems, for example, the virtualized intrusion detection, and prevention system and the virtualized system security. Different organizations use the various security services that are based on cloud technology such as laaS services and the GSA fed RAMP that enables the small business to have a high-level data security system.


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