Essay Example on TEC and ERP Systems

Published: 2022-05-09
Essay Example on TEC and ERP Systems
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Company A is a company that performs its operations under the biotech industry. It is a local company based in the United States an aspect that makes all its clients residents of the United States. Company A majors its operations specifically on the creation of designs as well as the manufacture of custom-built antibodies for a slight number of its pharmaceutical clients.

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The company basically requires their clients to present strict and functional specifications of their desired antibody. It is based on the antibody specification in addition to the production facilities available that the company commences its process on the manufacture of the antibody. Due to the fact that these antibody specification require customization, the company is therefore entitled to design a unique manufacturing process for the antibody creation. The company therefore initiates the production process by developing a proper recipe of the ingredients and consecutively growing the antibodies under a correct channel mostly for some weeks. The resultant antibodies get tested for their effectiveness and compliance to the specifications made prior to the ultimate delivery to the respective client.

The company therefore partakes numerous and distinct process from the purchase of antibodies to the transactions made and finally to the ultimate end-product delivery to clients. Company A thus ought to track the transactions as well as any purchases made because they in most cases are one-off in nature. Documentation needs are as well strict and demand consistent and correct retrieval and archiving especially in this particular case under pharma. Another fundamental part of the antibody creation process is that the raw materials used ought to undergo a comprehensive quality control procedure prior to getting assimilated into the production process. Contamination is another critical aspect of the antibody manufacture thus the company ensures that there is no contamination present from the raw materials, the production process and even to the end products.

It is due to the numerous processes involved in the antibody creation that an ERP comes in handy to enhance the success particularly in this case of the production of antibodies. An ERP system that is an enterprise resource planning system entails a practise through which a company mainly manufacturers integrate and manage the fundamental parts of their businesses (Rajnoha, Rastislav, et al., 168). An ERP information system of management incorporates facets such as purchases, planning, human resource, sales, finance, inventory and marketing (Alaskari, et al., 58) ERP systems in most cases get used in the software context. It is a methodology that has today gained enormous popularity hence bringing about a massive development of large software applications.

In this case when it comes to Company A, an ERP information system would significantly augment the whole process of the company's operations. Considering the numerous departments in place within this particular company such as the finance and the order documentation departments, an ERP system would come in handy to enhance the smooth flow and progress of events. An ERP system in this case will help for instance when it comes to the collection of information that is for example from clients, information regarding the state of different departments of the company (Nour, Mohamed & Samar 106). An ERP system eventually makes the information available at any given time by the company members and thus enhancing the general productivity.

Company A also ought to ensure that it incorporate some critical success factors to enhance its success. Critical success factors therefore are the anticipated underlying variable of a particular preferred outcome. Some examples include the identification and acquisition of right skills set and also the defining and implementation of a particular strategy execution approach. These factors are essential in enhancing the general success of the company and therefore company A in this case can achieve distinct levels of success with proper incorporation of the CSFs.

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