Systems Thinking Essay Sample

Published: 2017-08-25
Systems Thinking Essay Sample
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It is undeniable true that systems thinking have often been perceived to be a combination of complex processes. However, different researchers such as Dr. Derek Cabrera have formulated different techniques to ease systems thinking. Dr. Derek Cabrera specifically formulated four simple rules of systems thinking; distinctions, systems, relationships and perspectives (DSRP). The distinction, in this case, she states that is innate for people to distinguish one thing or idea from another. Systems are the processes eminently suited for undertaking a systemic view of the world. Relationships recognize the parts of systems that lead to identifying relationships that are characterized by reaction and action. It simply infers the correlation between two or more systems. Finally, perspectives entail a point that is seen or being focused upon and a view which involves doing the focusing or the seeing. This paper seeks to examine the four rules of systems (DSRP). It specifically, seeks to look into the correlations between three events; Columbus Expedition, World War II, and September 11th attacks and three works of art; Renaissance art, romanticism art, and Banksy art applying DSRP.

Before analyzing the three events and the three pieces of art based on DSRP, it is important to briefly examine what the three events and pieces are all about. Columbus expedition was about a transatlantic expedition that was led by Christopher Columbus in 1492 which led to the discovery of the Americas. The continent was previously unknown in Europe. Columbus and the team were the first Christians to step in the American land from Italy. The expeditions were about searching for a westward route to Asia that could enable them has access to the sources of oriental goods and spices. World War II was a global that took place within the periods between 1939 and 1945. The September 11 attacks were a series of four well-coordinated terrorist attacks that were planned and implemented by the al-Qaeda which is an Islamic terrorist group. The attacks were launched in the United States on the eve of September 11, 2001.

Analysis of the events in correlation to DSRP

These three events despite taking place at different times for different reasons and without any plans, they share some form of relationships, distinctions, perspectives, and systems. The three events share similarities rather relationships. First, all the three events are linked with the United States of America. America took part in World War II; the September 11 attacks were launched in America, and the Columbia expedition was about the discovery of America. Similarly, the events are distinct from one another. The Columbia expedition was all about discovery, despite being coincidental, the main aim of the expedition was to make a discovery of a western route to Asia Fortunately along the way it resulted in the discovery of America. The September 11 event was an unexpected terrorist attack which infringed fear, terror and loss of lives and property. Conversely, World War II was a voluntary war that America took part in, mainly in a bid to gain and maintain its state as a super power and to have control over the world. The distinctions are, therefore, one event was about discovery, another about an unexpected terrorist attack and the other on a voluntary involvement in the war. Similarly, all the three events involved different systems. The Columbia discovery there were no major systems involved since it was a personal discovery. The September 11 attacks involved the al-Qaeda terror group system which planned and extinguished the attack. Different American systems got involved in World War II including the nations military systems. It is the coordination of these systems that saw the success of these events. Without proper systems in place, the success of the events could not be a success. Furthermore, the events can be viewed from different perspectives. The Columbia Expedition can be regarded as the personal discovery of the world in a bid to search for routes to other regions.

Analysis of the arts about DSRP

The three pieces of art; Renaissance art, romanticism art and Banksy art have some relationships, distinctions, systems, and perspectives. Essentially, Renaissance art is a sculpture, painting as well as decorative arts during the European history called a renaissance. This art emerged as a unique style in Italy in about 1400 incorporating developments in literature, philosophy, science, and music. Romanticism art was an artistic, musical, literary and intellectual movement that was incepted in Europe during the late 18th century. Pieces of art created during this era mainly focused on individualism, emotion, and glorification of the past and also nature while making a preference on the medieval instead of classical. Finally, Banksy art is pieces of art done by Banksy. These arts are England based. All these pieces have some sought of distinctions; for instance, all the pieces of art have different areas of origin. Renaissance arts are Italy based; romanticism arts are Europe based while Banksy art is England based. The arts are related first because they are all pieces of art, and secondly, they all focus on portraying and glorifying the past and nature. They are also distinct in the sense that Renaissance art, romanticism art are groups of art with several subcategories, they are a conglomeration of different pieces of arts of a different artist. However, Banksy arts are arts done by a single person, Banksy. They also share common systems and perspectives since they are pieces of art.

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