The Rosewood Film - Movie Review Essay Example

Published: 2022-09-01
The Rosewood Film - Movie Review Essay Example
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Film Content and History

The director of the Rosewood film that was ambitious, with critical and acute observations is John Singleton. At the beginning of the film, Rosewood is a flourishing town owned by black Americans comprising of a few white people staying with them. The African-American owned their land and practiced their businesses being helped by more poor whites who lived in a nearby town (Dunn, 2013). Rosewood is a racist story describing a town of black people in Florida that underwent a brutal killing of its citizens in the year 1923. The race riots initiated by whites towards the blacks left the Florida town in smoking ruin while many of its people were shot, scorched to death or hanged (Nash, p.89).

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The movie showed the way racism had increased and was being transferred from one generation to another as seen when a white father forbids his son who is known as Everett from playing with a black boy. Violence emerged when a white married woman abused by her lover defended herself by accusing her wounds on a black man from Rosewood. Sylvester Carrier urges the black to escape, but they delayed while protecting their properties until it was too late. About seventy to two-hundred-and-fifty people died during the riots (Gonzalez, 2018). However, the violence stayed undisclosed up to 1982 after a newspaper containing the news was printed. John Singleton was able to balance the challenge of getting some distressed history to live.

The film represents the history well, as it is a story of black Americans, an inhuman racial violence story that covers the untold story of black resistance. The film represented Rosewood as a period of a combination of law failing and white envying to make black's life risky.

The relevance of the Film

The film gives out one of the darkest secrets in the country. The film reveals the racial violence of the assassinate mob, the dehumanization of the black people, and the compelling personal interactions between the black and the white people. This makes it a touching movie that leaves the observers thinking about the continuation of racial violence in the United States. The Rosewood film tells the story of violence that is not well known. Limited learning of this story provides John Singleton with a significant amount of power and obligation, as he embraces the chance to inform his viewers on one of the secrets in America. John helps in exposing the truth about the racial discrimination in America.

Value of the Film

The movie explains the violence that took place in a prominent town of black people in detail basing it from a real story hence; I would recommend the movie to the other people. It is a powerful film because it was written with the aim of explaining the history and examination but not out of anger or hostility. The film provides justice to those who survived and the families of the people who died or got injured in the Rosewood as a bill was passed for their compensation. The film provides viewers a preview into the darkest secret of violence due to racism in the United States. The Rosewood movie efficiently studies the human spirit through the presentation of a forceful message that does not require any preaching (Gonzalez, 2018). This glimpse is valuable as it reflects the actual aspect of American history and it is applied in the current history.


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