Sustainability and Leadership, Business Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-12
Sustainability and Leadership, Business Essay Example
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Alan is interested in an opportunity that will enable him to make a big difference globally. Working with LSM will earn him a hefty pay. His friend Karl is making over $10 million a year. This will allow him to contribute to Help and Hope and make a difference. Gates Foundation is an organization making a difference by providing medical care to patients in Third World countries (Stevenson, Scher, Vasella, Franklin & Jones, 2008). The position will enable Alan to contribute directly to the lives of patients who cannot afford medicines in underdeveloped nations. Shiori Masaka points out that he will have a chance to meet Bill and Melinda Gates, among other global leaders. Finally, Grepter has offered him an opportunity to work in Germany and gain global experience (Stevenson et al., 2008). He will be promoted after six months and will report directly to the CEO.

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The criterion, in this case, is to identify the alternative that gives Alan to chance to make the most significant difference globally. Alan should accept the offer by Shiori Masaka. He will be able to make a bigger difference in the organization since his role will be to help the foundation reach out to millions who cannot afford medicine. It will be fulfilling considering that his mother died of cancer and had founded Help and Hope to assist disadvantaged people.

Expert Opinions

According to Baker (2009), sustainability is no longer a choice but a critical aspect of strategic management. Firms must integrate sustainability in the strategy formulation and implementation to be successful in the modern environment. Environmental, among other sustainable practices, do not conflict economic growth. Senge (2006) argues that we should understand that our daily decisions affect the living systems across the globe. Stevenson et al. (2008) believe that an employment opportunity is a chance to make a difference. One should select an opportunity that enables him to make the biggest difference globally. The views of these experts have changed my answer. I believed that one can only make a big difference when working in an organization that directly deals with humanitarian services. I never believed that a CEO could have time for such activities. However, I have learned that business and other leaders have a critical role in making the difference globally since sustainability has become an aspect of corporate strategy. I now think Alan should accept the offer from Grepter. It will get him closer to the top management of a Fortune 100 company which can make a more significant global impact in alleviating human suffering and environment protection.

Baker's argument closely aligns with my point of view than any other experts. Most successful companies incorporated sustainability into their strategies. I believe that it is not an option and having it as part of the strategic plan is essential for success. Making a difference plays a significant role in global leadership. Global leaders are in a better position to impact the world, and this does not compromise the economic performance of their companies.


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