Essay Example: Personal Leadership Statement for Government PhD Fellowship

Published: 2022-07-27
Essay Example: Personal Leadership Statement for Government PhD Fellowship
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I believe that I am the most appropriate candidate for the government PhD fellowship product due to my strong qualifications, which I have pursued out of my deep interest in leadership. My interest started in 2006, when I arrived in Montreal with duo suitcases, $1,000, and a delusion to become a Quebec Physical Therapist (PT). the latter was a professional and individual stepping stone towards my ultimate dream of establishing myself as a clinician-scientist that would carry out clinically related research in the facet of chronic illnesses results, with the goal of enhancing efforts of treatment. Before arriving on immigration forums, i had read that Quebec acclaimed Romanian PT degrees and that I could work in the region in the condition that I was fluent in the English language. At job interviews, however, I was often inquired if I spoke French and had roots in Ordre professionnel de la physiotherapie du Quebec (OPPQ). Here, my plan pounded. To overcome this hurdle, I engrossed myself in a francization initiative and enrolled in a Master's degree in Rehabilitation Science at McGill University and afterwards I confidently applied to the OPPQ. However, my application was rejected; I required two years of coursework and internships, and the recommended program had a two-year waiting list.

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It would be at least 4 years before being certified. Lumbered with student debt, craving to see my family, and feeling like I was reaching nowhere, I conjectured if I should surrender. What motivates me to continue was envisaging that I have already graduated and was presenting a presentation on the mode in which Internationally Educated Physical Therapists (IEPTs) could be certified in Canada. Imagining this objective compounded by my desire for educating and mentoring others, and my intrinsic want to empower others assisted me rise above the displeasure of this period. Currently, in my role as Coordinator of McGill's PT Equivalency program, I attempt to assist other globally educated PTs fulfill their dreams. For instance, review the details and information on how to strive. With the experience and resilience developed the past decade, I am at the forefront empower others fulfill their goal and I know I can overwhelmed the challenges that doctoral school can present on me. This experience has enabled me to amass knowledge about what it depicts to combine a new society, study distinct languages, adapt to a different culture, and to combine a new professional world.

When I enrolled in Universitatea Babes-Bolyai Cluj-Napoca and McGill University, I chose the discipline of Physiotherapy because it gives me an upper edge to give back and offer support and mentor other IEPIs in their certification process. This would cement their career journey to combine the physiotherapy professional arena is enabled. I have specialized in my studies in physical therapy and rehabilitation in my undergraduate and masters degrees respectively. I have curved my profession as a physiotherapist and directing evidence-based physiotherapy course has in advance improved opportunities for teaching and mentorship. The IEPTs face challenges of being courageous, resilient, ambitious and instilled desire on achieving their career path and I feel it is the duty of licensed Physiotherapist to guide them effectively. The government PhD fellowship will be critical in guiding the inexperienced IEPTs in their career journey. It is suggested that the aspiring IEPTs should become resilient and courageous in order to be successful in their psytheorapist career. The fellowship program will assist nurture trust with my students to comprehend the details of their certain experiences. It imparts my enthusiasm and delight for teaching whereas listening keenly to my student's needs and sharing my experiences and competence with them. Being an active listener, and clarifying who I am as an individual by sharing my individual stories, enables me to be closer to my students and to nurture long lasting mentoring relationships with them. This goal motivates me to become a mentor to the academic evaluators.

The experiences that I have drawn in the latest years have prepared me for a professional leadership career. I am currently serving as a coordinator of the PT Equivalency Program whereby I motivate the IEPTs to conduct through difficult times by recognizing and commending their efforts to face challenges and offer timely solutions to them. Other than teaching students and my research obligations, continuous work with the committees, I also supervise the graduate research students. In this year, I am supervising a group of five professional Master's students in Physical and Occupational Therapy during their initial experience of an empirical research work. These projects have a period of four months for collection of data and analysis and I have been deliberate in suggesting a project is linked to my PhD research program to guarantee that I can effectively approach inquiry-oriented learning opportunities and capitalize the contribution made by the students.

Strengths and weakness are evident in my professional leadership career. The committee at EP Equivalency Program have admitted my leadership potential due to my ability to nurture relationships with the students thereby making a mentorship program easy. The close relationship with my students showcase my proper communication and verbal skills. My mentorships to the students will be important because they will make them courageous and resilient to face difficulties in their psychotherapist career.

On this journey, I will attempt to reach my professional goals. The short term goal is that i will develop skills in measurement approaches and apply them in the context of obesity. In addition, I have outlined my long term goal for the leadership career. I plan to finalize a post-doctoral fellowship, which will widen my depth and breadth of research expertise and prepare me to spearhead my own program of disability results in chronic illnesses. Whereas I see myself horning the necessary skills and training to achieve this goal, continuing my journey as a leader will enable me to realize this vision.

The government PhD Fellowship program represents qualities that align with my goals and provides experiences auspicious to the pursuit of my interest. For example, the government PhD Fellowship program offers a wider range of opportunities that it would be problematic for me to miss a mentorship spot. In addition, it offers a platform for experienced licensed physiotherapists to offer mentorship to the aspiring IEPTs. Whereas I am lured to the diversity of rotations, I feel a particular affinity for days to be spent in the government PhD Fellowship program. Understanding supervision and mentorship in various environments provides a strong foundation to nurture the skill in the future. I will be inspired by the quick enthusiastic environment at government PhD Fellowship program, which will ensure my career growth.

By possessing competence in the selection criteria, I am destined for success in government PhD Fellowship program. I look ahead to the future of my professional leadership journey with great enthusiasm, strong commitment, and a spirit to advance my training on the level required by your program. I believe that the interest, skills, and experience will bring more outcomes in a mutual benefit relationship. It is my wish that my professional leadership application will be reconsidered. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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