Comparison of World Wars. Paper Example

Published: 2023-02-21
Comparison of World Wars. Paper Example
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The Great War began in the year 1914 to 1918, while the Second World War started in the year 1939 to 1945. These were the most critical use of military forces in the history of humankind. Mainly these wars comprised of the military alliance, which was among the various countries. The great World War or World War I was primarily centered in Europe. Hence, the different states were separated into primary groups, namely the allied powers and central powers (Terkel, S. 1997). Those allied power countries consist of Japan, Italy, Russia, the United States, and Britain. The central forces consist of Bulgaria, turkey, Austria, and Germany. In the Second World War II or the Second World War, the opposing alliances are referred to as the allies or the axis. The associates consist of china, the Soviet Union, the U.S, Britain, and France, while the axis consists of the countries of Japan, Italy, and Germany.

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The primary basis why the United States entered World War 1 is that the president of the united states Wilson Woodrow tried being neutral, but he could not manage to be out of this war due to severe German aggression. In May the year 1915, the British ship Lusitania was sunk by the German, where the majority of the passengers were Americans on board. Hence, the president could not permit unrestricted submarine warfare, which violates international law. Also, when Germans renewed the free attacks on the U Boats. The U.S entered to war after the Sussex pledge of the year 1916, which was made by the Germans not to harm their ships, was broken in the year 1917. The use of propaganda by America, which sought the mobilization of its citizens through civic duty, patriotism, and in linking its democracy with its support to Western Europe (Hamilton et al. 2003). The Zimmerman telegram was a leaked document, where Germany was asking Mexico to join this war against them so that California will be given back to them. This is where the United States seized it.

The reasons why the United States entered into the Second World War was a significant turnaround from shifting their policies from isolation policy to competition with the destructive world policies. Firstly, it is on the invasion of Japan on china, which in the year 1941, much of the coastal and north of china had been taken up by Japan where atrocities were committed among people. Therefore, the United States' impact in Asia was endangered (Terkel, S. 1997). Also, the U.S realized that Germany was in the process of making an atomic bomb, which caused them to react in preventing Hitler from having possession of it. Also, when Japan attacked the pearl harbor on December 7, 1941, they launched the attack surprisingly on the navy base being a preemptive strike in Hawaii. Thus, America went and attacked Japan on 8 December 1941. Hence, Italy and Germany declared war on December 11, in the U.S.


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