Essay Example on the Business Performance

Published: 2020-08-13
Essay Example on the Business Performance
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Willys bar is a small scale business situated in Apeldoorn town. The business enterprise is owned by a guy called Wilmart though managed by his friend .The name of the bar Willys is coined from the name owner of the bar as earlier on mentioned. (Beekperk 2014, p.6)

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The foundation history of the bar has been traced back in January 2014 when Wilmart had secured an tender from Avnan Jumos who is also an entrepreneur in Apeldoorn town. Wilmart thereafter invited his current counterpart so that they could together. All that explains the establishment of the business had been impromptu as both Wilmart and his manager had no plans of putting up any business during that time. The process had taken a short time of just a month. (Beekperk 2014, p.6)

At the time of the start of the business the two partners had felt fully equipped to manage the company with much ease. However, later on they found the challenge of being ill-equipped with the knowledge accountancy and finance. This is because such knowledge was fundamental in the company. (Beekperk 2014, p.7)

The business performance has been rated to be successful by the two partners. The evaluation of the success can be demonstrated from the vast number of customers that the company serves. This has as well been promoted by the familiarity of the company to the residents of Apeldoorn. They prefer the Willys company to others. The success of the company has been desirable in its profit making hence making it more attractive and interesting to both the manager and the owner. This has actually posed a feeling of satisfaction to them and not to think of imposing any new idea in business at the moment.

The manager explains his major focus and values as the key towards his success in the business. He has always enjoyed interacting widely with his customers as he attends to them. He also learns from their stories and various experiences. Further to that, he respects and values all his customers.

The managers pieces of advice to those who are interested in the business of bar has been presented outstandingly that: the best way to manage the enterprise is basically to set up one. This is not difficult in any way. One only needs some estimated capital to start off. It can never be easy to learn and succeed in business without engaging in it practically. (Beekperk 2014, p.7)

The challenge of competition in this type of business has been proved as a non issue. This is because the managerial focus has been totally into the business. This is done by offering quality services to the customers just like any other related enterprise do. Through this the company gets its share just like others. Moreover, Apeldoorn being small in status allows equal share from the number of people in the market. Therefore, there has never been the case of competition arising in the past. (Beekperk 2014, p.8)

There are differences that have been pointed out when making comparison between the business enterprise in a small town as opposed to bigger city. Unlike in small towns that there is no aggression and competition while big cities experience much aggression and competition as result of constant and continuous competition. (Beekperk 2014, p.8)

The outlined challenge of the Wiillys enterprise was s experienced at the start of the business when the local authorities were imposing there rules and regulations. This made him to be at logger with them. Nevertheless the manager is very optimistic that the business will grow bigger. (Beekperk 2014, p.9)

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