Mae Mobley - Essay Sample on The Help Movie

Published: 2017-10-12
Mae Mobley - Essay Sample on The Help Movie
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The Help Mae Mobley

Mae Mobley is one of the leading characters in the help movie. Mae Mobley is the daughter of Elizabeth and Raleigh Leefolt. Mae Mobley is majorly seen through Aibileen who is employed by Mae’s parents. Mae Mobley appears as a two-year age in the movie who is physically abused by her mother (Stockett, 2011). Through Aibileen Mae Mobley is modified to become a wonderful lady in the future...

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At first, Mae Mobley does not fit the society notion of what is expected from a girl. Mae Mobley parents are whites while their employee Aibileen is a black. Therefore there is a lot of expectation that her parents should treat her well, although that is not the case because most of the time her parents abuse her. Aibileen tries to comfort her while giving her good love, although she is not her parent (Stocket, 2011). At one point, Aibileen tells Mae Mobley to repeat that she is a smart girl and kind girl to have self-love.

Mae Mobley The Help Actress

Mae Mobley grew up knowing the existence of racial equality and civil rights. Aibileen is a crusader for the equal rights of the Americans. At that time, racial abuse was rampant in the United States. Therefore, Aibileen teaches Mae Mobley about Martin Luther Junior. Mae is interested in Martin Luther although she does not know him. In this case, Mae Mobley grew up respecting all the people despite their race, although her parents dismiss Aibileen before Mae Mobley becomes a grown up (Stocket, 2011).

From Mae Mobley point of view, the author wants to demonstrate that love is the greatest prize that parents can give to their children. Though Mae Mobley’s parents were rich, they denied the young girl a parental love. Elizabeth Leefolt, who is Mae Mobley mother, keeps abusing her, for instance yelling to her, because according to her view, she is not beautiful (Stocket, 2011). However, through the guidance from Aibileen, Mae Mobley grew up as an upright person.

The Help Cast Mae Mobley

From Mae Mobley point of view, people can learn how the poor relationship between a child and parents affects the growth of a child. In this case, parents are expected to be the first friends of the child. The parents should take that opportunity to guide and counsel a child. Parents are also expected to guide their children and teach them morals. In the movie, Mae Mobley parents do not teach the daughter morals or guiding the young girl (Stocket, 2011). Therefore, the poor relationship may have affected the growth of Mae Mobley if Aibileen did not mound her.

To sum it up, through Aibileen, Mae Mobley is modified to grow as a wonderful lady. Mae Mobley teaches her several life issues such as civil rights and racial equality, for instance, Martin Luther King who fought for the rights. In this case, Mae Mobley can respect all people despite their gender. Aibileen also teaches her self-love, being kind and self-worth. The director of the film also wants the viewers to learn several aspects concerning the relationship between Mae Mobley and her parents. At first, the director demonstrates that love is one of the greatest prizes that parents can give to their children. On the other hand, a poor relationship between a parent and a child affects the growth of the child as it can be witnessed in the case of Mae Mobley.

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