Most Interesting Things in Rogerian Method of Argumentation. Free Essay.

Published: 2018-02-07
Most Interesting Things in Rogerian Method of Argumentation. Free Essay.
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Ideologies from different people tend to differ and everyone is trying to show or prove his/her as the best among the given ones. Chapters 1, 2, and 3 in Rogerian methods have shed light, and it is by reading them that I was able to learn a few interesting things. Rogerian shows that it is possible to accept another person’s view, but that does not mean one had a weak idea or rather view. In his teachings, Rogerian gives the procedure in persuading and convincing as well giving most convincing approaches in accommodating different points of view from various people.

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Accepting, appreciating and showing the other person that his/her view is not weak but rather persuade that person the need to change and take other views from other individuals is the first things that should be understood. The second interesting thing about Rogerian teachings is that for a valid argument to be presented, a threat to the person’s self-image should be removed while focusing on new ideas as well as alternative perspectives. Understanding is better and much preferred to an agreement while giving views since it creates an environment where those giving out their views feel less threatened hence making them to more open to new ideas or rather points of view. Thirdly, I learned that all sides should be made to have their freedom on considering the given variety of worldviews in the attempt of letting them choose ideas that best fit their needs.

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