Supply Chain Management - Free Paper Example

Published: 2023-11-10
Supply Chain Management - Free Paper Example
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Manufacturing Planning and Control system efficiently manages the utilization of equipment and people, the flow of materials, and response to customers (Dias & Lerapetritou, 2017). According to Dias and Lerapetritou (2017), the systems use the capacity of customer facilities, private facilities, and suppliers to meet customer and market demands while helping managers to make informed decisions. Comprehensive knowledge of manufacturing planning and control systems will be drawn from a close summary of SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft.

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In the SAP, the Sales Team checks for a product with the inventory department when contacted by the client (SAP, n.d). The Production Planning department gets a request to manufacture the product when it’s out of stock. The production team approaches the inventory department for raw materials. When the materials are not available, the organization buys them directly from vendors and forwards them to the Shop Floor Execution for production (SAP, n.d). When done, it sends the Sales Team the goods to deliver to the client and update the finance team on revenue generated. The Production team updates finance for raw material payments made to vendors and all the departments reach HR for Human Resource documentation. According to SAP (n.d), SAP has the capability of eliminating duplication, redundancy, and discontinuity in data.


In Oracle, there is an instance created in the database server or host computer. A client application establishes a connection (Oracle, 2020). The server running the Oracle Net Services driver detects the network and creates a server process. The user runs a SQL, thus committing the transaction. The server checks the shared pool checking the user privileges after finding a shared SQL processing the statement. A new SQL is created for an account if no one is detected. The server sends a message to the application when the transaction is successful, and an error message if not successful (Oracle, 2020). Lastly, Oracle has the capability of data maintenance, transfer, and database administration.


In PeopleSoft, a URL address known as Servlet interprets requests giving a list of objects needed to build a page (PeopleSoft, 2020). A jolt message transmits to the application server for all files in which Tuxedo converts to a service request. After routing to the PeopleSoft server process, it’s converted to the SQL statement and sent to the database. HTML creation for object data occurs (PeopleSoft, 2020). Tuxedo receives the data and closes the connection in the PeopleSoft process and requests java servlet to forward the requested page to the browser. When the action is completed, the browser views the page (PeopleSoft, 2020). Lastly, PeopleSoft has features to handle supply chain management, finances, human capital, and enterprise services automation.


Ultimately, the summary of the three websites has successfully presented an explanation of ERP functionality, and the associated capability. Notably, SAP links sales inventory department with clients, Oracle detects the network, and creates a server process while PeopleSoft interprets requests giving a list of objects needed to build a page. The functionality makes the systems effective in manufacturing and supply chain management.


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