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Published: 2018-12-13 14:49:16
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Health management system

SoftClinic is a worldwide recognized health management system. It has received remarkable reviews due to its convenient usability. It has all features that any hospital system can demand, free from hassle. It has the necessary modules ranging from the laboratory, financial accounting, and pharmacy. Hence, it is an all in one program that fixes the worries of a physician. Just like Medismart system, SofClinic enables informed decision making by simplifying hospital operations, strengthens supervision and control. The availability of crucial information helps to run a cost-effective organization that leads to high returns. Additionally, eHospital systems work similarly like SoftClinic program whereby a doctor can generate data basing on patients demographical features, age, gender, and sex. The other hospital stakeholders can also make reasonable decisions through its support decision system. It is easy to retrieve information because of easy internet access. Some of the activities that run smoothly under this program are prescription of drugs, allocation of finances, diet direction, and supply of medical resources around the hospital. Scholarly research in medical sector has indicated that medical errors committed by doctors and nurses due to negligence and other factors cause a handful deaths of patients (Shortliffe & Cimino 2013). However, with SoftClinic program, it eliminates handwriting errors, transcription, and the creation of duplicate files. Software program entails accounting management, bed management, billing and invoicing, budgeting and forecasting, Debt management, controlling expenses, human resource management, in-patient management, inventory management, outpatient management, physician management, policy administration and revenue management. Its deployment can support Microsoft Windows, mobile Android and iOS native, Cloud, Saas, and The Web. The key concern for a computer program is confidentiality of patient information, with SoftClinic program it is possible to create passwords that can only be used by authorized persons hence keeping the private medical information.


Shortliffe, E. H., & Cimino, J. J. (Eds.). (2013). Biomedical informatics: computer applications in health care and biomedicine. Springer Science & Business Media.


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