Essay Example on the Video about Legalizing Marijuana

Published: 2019-08-29
Essay Example on the Video about Legalizing Marijuana
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The medical marijuana in America is on the rise. This is more so after the 2009 memo by president Obama which lifted the nine years ban and allowed states, to amend and decide on their own as far as medical marijuana is concerned. Since then investors has really ventured in growing and producing medical marijuana, in a formal and legal way. According to the video, medical marijuana is the way to go, and according to the interviewees, its the high time the American government should legalize the plant. Its newest rebranding which analyze it as the herbal medicine. According to the video medical marijuana has more benefits to the users and is therefore more encouraged. The medical marijuana adoption is however not unanimously welcomed by all states, some states still view the plant as illegal and have put in place strict laws to curb it and limit its use. Kentucky is one of the States which has vowed to fight marijuana cultivation and have put in place a fully equipped army to fight the drug. The army moves around the forest and in the deep forest valleys where people grow the illegal plant and they confiscate and hand in the culprits to the state authority (Marijuana Inc., Inside America's Pot Industry, 2011).

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The federal government has continued to fight the plant, but it is estimated that 53 states have a significant production of marijuana. The marijuana farmers sometimes use violence to protect their venture and this has continued to limit the forces. Although the Kentucky government is against the plant, it marijuana production way surpasses its tobacco cultivation. Majority of the American citizens think that the only way to riches and better life is to cultivate or sell marijuana, and that mentality has greatly affected the fight against the drug. Although many states have continued to fight against its production people have resulted to secretly venture into it. And the fight has therefore been elevated to another level.

Lessons from the video

Chapter 15 analyzes the physiological effects of marijuana, but these effects are critically analyzed in the video. According to the video, medical marijuana has more benefits to the users, unless abused. The video concentrate more on medicinal marijuana which is used as a pain reliever, and other curative uses in the body. The plants products are thoroughly screened in an independent laboratory in order to ensure that it has no harmful effects to the users. This is unlike the marijuana I know, smoked raw. What I find amusing throughout the video is that despite many states move to fight marijuana, it is on the verge of increase and its production and cultivation has risen in the last decade. The plant has been enormously welcomed by many and its now becoming hard for the state to control its production and distribution. Its ironical how the majority now woo the government to legalize marijuana, despite of its harmful effects on their lives. People have chosen to disregard its effect such as eyes reddening, and pulmonary impairment, and have opted to only concentrate on its benefits, which are only short-lived.

Legalizing marijuana for RECREATIONAL use

Am personally against the move to legalize marijuana for recreational use. This is because its legalization will have both short and long-term effects on the users. It causes depression, which eventually leads to idleness as the victim are unable to work and function normally. At some point, marijuana causes anxiety, and restlessness. This condition denies the victim concentration of whatever they purpose to do and us a result it leads to low productivity. Marijuana increases chances for getting heart attack, this is mainly because it increases heartbeat. Just like smoking does, marijuana lowers immunity strength and thus reduces opposition to common illnesses such as bronchitis. At some point, marijuana causes hallucination and inability to remember things.

Legalizing marijuana for MEDICAL use

I am personally for the legalization of medical marijuana. This is because according to the medical research done, marijuana lowers stern seizure, and its therefore a recommended dosage for people and children suffering from the same. Marijuana fuse with the brain cells and lowers the hyperactivity of the brain which causes seizures. The research also shows that marijuana lowers the spread of cancer. As a result, it is recommended for the cancer victims. The herb is also said to be a pain reliever, and is therefore suitable for patients suffering from arthritis. Since veterans are said to suffer from the post traumatic disorders, doctors argue that marijuana can help them lower PTSD. According to the medical research marijuana is said to turn around the carcinogenic effect caused to the lungs of the tobacco smokers (Marijuana Inc., Inside America's Pot Industry, 2011).

Marijuana video Dollar Crop

This is an Australian documentary which seeks to analyze the advantages of medicinal marijuana. According to the documentary, it seems people are demonizing marijuana and therefore denying people to grow this highly demanded crop which has far much medicinal value than any other crop. The documentary argues that the government is doing more harm by illegalizing marijuana, and as a result people die for lacking such medicinal plant. Generally the documentary lays out the medicinal value of marijuana, which is lost as a result of not harnessing this crop. The medical practitioners are therefore advocating for the legalization of marijuana, and making it a billion dollar crop (Billion Dollar Crop, 2012). It is however not in support of legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, but rather for medicinal value.

Smoking marijuana should never be encouraged, unless it is a doctors prescription. But the same crop is far much beneficial if taken under the doctors prescription and for the disease inflicted persons. For such reason, the crop should not be abolished. It is however, important to effectively control its production and cultivation in order to avoid its abuse. According to the documentary the government should harness the crop and allow people to venture in its growth, but also enforce laws to ensure the plant is medicinal, and not recreational use.


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