Essay Sample on Summary of the Main Ideas Presented in the Video

Published: 2023-08-20
Essay Sample on Summary of the Main Ideas Presented in the Video
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The video Introduction to Cultural Competence by UB School of Social Work (2016) is a presentation video that explains the concepts of cultural engagement, cultural humility, and cultural competence. The Video also provides definitions of the main concepts such as ethics, race, culture, as well as cultural competence. For instance, culture is defined in the Video as a system that incorporates the actions, thoughts, customs, communications values, institutions, and beliefs of a social group. Therefore, it is through culture that social people can interpret the world as it influences how they interpret behavior as well as how they interact with their colleagues.

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The Video also discusses the concept of cultural identity. Cultural identity is divided into three aspects, personal, group, and universal identities. Therefore, as a clinician, it is essential not to make assumptions about the patients or team members and instead be curious about their views and world experiences. Through this acceptance, the clinician will be able to sensitively and actively engage with patients, especially concerning their beliefs about their health, their values, and their traditions.

UB School of Social Work (2016) defines cultural competence as the developmental process that evolves over time for individuals and organizations. For clinicians, cultural competence, also known as cultural humility, is considered a life-long development that involves a commitment from different cultural perspectives. Therefore, clinicians must be humble enough to develop a mutually respectful partnership with communities on behalf of patients.

To accurately ensure patient satisfaction, the clinician should ensure that effective communication is achieved, especially when dealing with patients from diverse audiences that have limited English proficiencies. For instance, Kentucky has people from diverse backgrounds who have different beliefs concerning what they are suffering from and how they should be treated. Therefore, using the concept of cultural competency and cultural humility, I will be able to identify the best methods of interacting with patients who are from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Strength, Weakness, and Usefulness in Social Work Practice


Cultural competence and cultural humility are beneficial as they free the clinician from claiming expert knowledge in regard to other cultures. As a result, practitioners can consider cultural differences when engaging with their clients to facilitate service delivery.


Cultural competency and cultural humility can be challenging to incorporate in situations where the values, beliefs, and goals of the practitioner and the client conflict. As such, this concept is unclear on how cross-cultural practices can be operational.


Cultural competency is essential in social work as it enables social workers to become more sensitive and accustomed to the specific attitudes, needs, beliefs, and values that are associated with individuals, groups, and families. This sensitivity helps them to provide services, interventions and supports that are more culturally competent

Moral or Ethical Issue of Using Cultural Competency and Cultural Humility

An ethical issue that arises is the aspect of educating social workers to understand the nature of social competence and diversity. This moral standard emphasizes that social workers should have sufficient knowledge of different cultures. Furthermore, social workers should be able to use their expertise to assist clients in a culturally supportive manner. Nevertheless, the mode of response made by clinicians concerning cultural competence is unclear since there is no specific way of determining if cultural humility is being applied when responding to clients.


UB School of Social Work. (2016, March 28). Introduction to Cultural Competence [Video]. YouTube.

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