Free Essay with the Summary of Jensen's Speech to Howard Beale on "Forces of Nature"

Published: 2022-04-19
Free Essay with the Summary of Jensen's Speech to Howard Beale on "Forces of Nature"
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Jensen blurts out at Howard Beale with claims of him messing up with vital nature forces. He further accuses him of bringing most business deals to a halt; for instance, letting the Arabs bankrupt the country and later flee. Either, peoples at the top; the powerful and the richest only care for the "ebb and flow" and ignores matters concerning ecological imbalance financially and economically. This leaves the lowly folks as the only caring people. Business cares less, nonetheless; movement of money, demand, and supply and power of currency are the only vital matters. Likewise, Jensen's primal forces fail to prove the distinction between commodities and human beings- everything revolves around money. Nevertheless, petty differences such as religions, creeds, races, nations, and colors are key elements in facilitating and ensuring that the rich grow richer hence justifying the class war as a legitimate war (Nilsson et al 2013).

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Jensen depicts brilliance in his speech in that he voices the bullshit in the ideology of nation-states and that the dictating factor globally is the ecological balance that revolves around money and college corporations. Soviet oligarchs, however, knew it, so did the American racketeers. To the most powerful and richest- business lines have destroyed lines between nations. In addition, obsolescence of arbitrary boundaries on maps and the destruction of a nation-state are things that are blurred but that the most powerful and the richest already know.

Moreover, the passing handover of decaying democracies is also important to note. America lacks the democracy its patriots claim it has. Nonetheless, the Soviet system was never a communist. This illusion, however, makes most people sleep soundly since confronting the truth results to pain. To sum up, the only system that is holistic can free the world from petty squabbles that in turn, are manipulations of the rich and the powerful (Nilsson et al 2013).

How the worldwide corporate and financial domination continues today

Mr. Jensen, in his speech to Howard Beale, boldly tells him this is a business world and the only important god is money. Equally, it has evidently shown how a few rich and superior individuals rule and dictate the world financially. Various media firms generally run more than seven news television stations that are watched worldwide. With the existence of independent media firms, conglomerates own the major companies. For instance, Summer Redstone is known to own several media outlets such as CBS, MTV, CBS films, AXS television, B.E.T etc. totaling to about sixty media outlets.

Media integrity is in such instances that many outlets are owned and run by one corporate. The ability of the media to serve democratically to the interest of the public defines the integrity it lies upon. This further enhances the resilience of institutional corruption within media systems, political clienteles, conflicting dependence, and economy of influence. Integrity is however at stake when there are clienteles relations of political centers with media owners.

Summary of Howard Beale`s "turn off your television set...turn them off..." speech during a newscast

Howard knows that he is losing his job the next minute he is done with reading his last news live on UBS television. This actually marks the announcement of prophecy that has proved valid over the years across the media. He articulates the quiet desperation affecting millions of hardworking Americans. He refers to the television as a goddamn tube that is "worshipped", people believe in everything that is broadcasted on the television. He publicly alleges the impartial dishonesty in the media; his allegations mark the media as an illusionist in that, none of the news broadcasted is true. Howard bitterly complains about the adverse effects of "the tube" in the sense that it fails to address the real problems facing Americans for instance, the death of Edward George Ruddy- a young rich media personality. Howard's point of perspective reflects on the basic and vital news that address on issues that can help build the American nation and not to boost media business.

He angrily exposes the communication corporation of America (CCA) ties with Saudi Arabia regarding interests that are generally business based. This evidently exposes the media as a business corporation that regards money as a true god hence failing to reach up to its viewer's demands for honesty- truth. As a result, Howard tells the viewers of the meaning and value of their lives, lives that have otherwise been deprived off their right to correct information and manipulated for money (Blake et al, 2005).

However, Howard urges the people to seek correct information from their God, gurus and from themselves but not from television since it is a circus that manipulates people by making them believe whatever that is said and done in television sets, nothing is real in television, the only truth is the people.

The audiences' perception of the fantasy or satire in the film and how prophesying it is on the current state of reality television

The film Network employs irony, humor, exaggeration, and ridicule in exposing and criticizing the Media vices. Beale, having received prior notice of his firing, he rants during his final show inciting viewers to get their heads out of the windows in their living rooms and shout how mad they are and how they are not going to tolerate it anymore (Blake et al 2013).

Television too has proved artistic in comparison with cinema. Earlier on, films produced a larger screen, grandiose images, and productions that were achieved only in large formats. The film has however outperformed the lower form satirizing it and in turn, creating the confidence that television is inferior regarding mass market that further entails entertainment that is majorly visual art (Shaw et al 2013).

The debut of the film Network in 1976 seemed to prophesy sensational television programming for the next forty years, a prophecy that has actually been the case. With cultural outrage and startling accuracy, Howard "peeps" into a television network and guts both its format and those involved. Media, however, is struggling to rightfully meet demands of the public by counteracting its vices for the benefit and development of the nation. This is a step contrary to prophesy made by Howard Beale, prophesy that, over the years has led to impacts on cinema and television broadcast standards, accuracy, and effectiveness. Either way, things that affected Howard's audience still trouble us today, for instance; oil corruption, food chain problem, and fear of foreign countries taking over our nation- lack of change (Shaw et al 2013).

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