An Introduction to Special Education for People with ASD, Free Essay

Published: 2020-04-13
An Introduction to Special Education for People with ASD, Free Essay
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Temple Grandin is a woman with ASD who managed to use her ASD characteristics in the right way. Among them was resistance to being touched by her mother and other people, exceptional memorization skills, explosive temper tantrums, for instance when she was provoked by the guy in her boarding schools yard or when the sign on her rooms door fell down, so that she didnt know where her room was. Her speech was too fast as well. She had some specific food preferences from her early childhood such as jello yogurt. But one of the ASD characteristics which was a true asset for Temple is her ability to see the world in pictures and then connect them. This one and also her memorization skill made it possible for her to understand animal behavior.

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As I watched the movie I was literally shocked to see how cruel some healthy people can be. Our society acts according to the principle the one who differs doesnt deserve to be a full-fledged part of this society. I could see how much disrespect Temple got during her lifetime and that looked terrifying for me. Yes, she differs a lot from ordinary people, but why wouldnt they treat her like a true genius, showing respect and understanding? This movie proved people with ADS are special and they deserve special and respectful attitude. What is more, in some cases they can be that guiding line which will lead modern society to a better future.

Despite having problems with relating to others, Temple was a brilliant science learner thanks to her autistic behaviors. They made her succeed in her scientific experiment connected with optical illusions, and thanks to her memorization skills she was able to manage her French lessons, the subject that she didnt like at all.

Maybe the best example of a teacher in this movie is Dr. Carlock, the one who was attentive and patient enough to create the most appropriate conditions for Temple as a student. I think not only patience and attentiveness, but also soft-heartedness and empathy should be the great part of a teachers character who works with autistic children. Considering the environment, where the studies take place, the most optimal solution is to use visual support of all kinds, starting from pictures and ending with video materials that will enable the childrens most effective learning process. General education classroom will help the child improve his or her social integration, resource and special classrooms will help the child get an individual program, usually connected with an instruction focused on communication, self-control and independence skills that will optimize the childs work in a general education classroom.

Just like people with ASD need some time to become an integrative part of the society, we ordinary people need some time to cultivate respectful attitude and patience towards this special group of people. Not only can we teach autistic people but we can also learn from them as long as they continue to be the mystery of our world.

Work cited

Hallahan, Daniel P, and James M. Kauffman. Exceptional Children: Introduction to Special Education. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1994. Print.

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