Article Review Essay on Diabetes among Hispanics: All Are Not Equal by Alexandria, Virginia

Published: 2022-06-15
Article Review Essay on Diabetes among Hispanics: All Are Not Equal by Alexandria, Virginia
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This article is based on the prevalence of diabetes among the Hispanics and the rates at which is it spreading when looked from the perspective of the United States. The article states that the prevalence of diabetes varies among the different subgroups of the Spaniards and also the time that they have taken while living in the United States. Those who have been under job strains are likely to experience Type 2 diabetes, and it is connected to the lifestyle factors that come in that line. In that case, the article makes it clear that the Hispanics and Latino people are the most vulnerable concerning type 2 diabetes.

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According to data that was collected by the U.S Census Bureau, it came out that there are about 50 million Hispanics in the United States and they are representing approximately 16% of the entire population. Thus, there is a prediction that by the year 2050, the number of the Hispanics in the United States will have doubled (Virginia, 2014). Also there, will be other subgroups such as the Puerto Ricans, South Americans, Cubans and Mexicans. In that case, the difference between them will come regarding diabetes and obesity levels. Some subgroups will be showing great cases of diabetes, and this will be controlled by the kind of lifestyle that they have chosen.

The article also states that some differences can be seen when looked from the perspective of lifestyle diseases among the Hispanics. Cases of high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure and high blood glucose levels are not similar among the nations as they are representing populations that are brought in different geographical locations. These illnesses are high among the Hispanics than among the non-Hispanics. For instance, the Puerto Ricans show 37 percent prevalence when it comes to diabetes while the South Americans are the lowest at 27 percent (Virginia, 2014). This means that the rates of metabolism in the bodies of the Hispanics are slower than what has been seen taking place among the non-Hispanics.

The article also states that job strain has been found out to increases chances of getting diabetes. For instance, people who have been subjected to work-related stress are likely to get type 2 diabetes as they are not able to handle the bodily changes. This is an issue that affects both men and women who are also likely to get conditions such as obesity. The type 2 diabetes is also prevalent among the Hispanics because they have been reported to indulge in alcoholism and smoking (Virginia, 2014). These are diabetes-causing agents that many of them have not taken the change to avoid at all costs. The article adds that work-related stress was connected to type 2 diabetes as many people have not been through the stress management processes.

The article concludes by stating that a good number of the Americans have diabetes or are yet to get it. About 30 million adults have been found out to have diabetes, and this is something that goes on after every 21 seconds. This implies those who are diagnosed turn out to be positive. In that case, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) was put into place to make sure that all those who had been diagnosed with the infection were able to deal with the situation and that the prevalence of diabetes was brought down.


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