Essay Sample on the Summary of the Article SLEEP

Published: 2019-11-11
Essay Sample on the Summary of the Article SLEEP
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The narrator used to keep a diary but forgot for a few days. She would as a result lose track of what she was to do next and lose track of my daily record of activities. This at times kept her wondering the kind of life she was living. She remembered at times staring at the mirror for up to 15 mins trying to figure out what next she was supposed to do just to ensure the life she was living was as meaningful as possible.

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A repulsive dream one day made her lose all elements of sleep on a certain night. The dream was so terrifying that she just woke up and began wondering what time of the night it could have been. Looking sideways, she sees an Oldman in the room looking at me. This was now reality, an Oldman she had never seen before was standing right beside her bed. Fear engulfed her to the extent that she could neither switch on the light nor scream. The Oldman was carrying and old-fashioned porcelain pitcher that he used to pour water on her feet but she couldnt feel it. All that the narrator could see was the water pouring and hear the splash. She closed her eyes and screamed loudly.

When she opened her eyes, the Oldman was gone, the pitcher was gone. There was no sign of wet bedsheets. The bed was fully soaked with sweat. She checked her body to see if every part was working. Her husband was by then deep asleep. She put off the night own she was dressed in and threw them in to the washing machine then took a shower. The narrator then went into the living room and started drinking alcohols. The narrator kept trembling as she went to check if her son was okay.

The narrator eventually finds it very hard to get sleep and picks a novel Anna Karenina to read. All this while, the husband has been dead asleep without noticing any movements.

Relation between article sleep and domestic sphere of women and public world of men

The article sleep portrays the woman as a very responsible component of any family setting. The woman is so concerned that when she wakes up from the trance, the first person she thinks about is her husband and the son. She walks right in to the room where the son was sleeping just to confirm if the son is alright. The same opinion is strongly portrayed in the article domestic sphere of women and public world of men. The involving domestic roles that women usually handle are clearly outlined in this article. They include washing, cooking and just the general wellbeing of the community (Nielson, Carmen, p82). Both articles partially describe the gender roles of women.

Private affairs to public affairs scandals viewpoint

This is the third article we are provided with for this cases study. It gives us a case study of the HIV prevalence in the country Uganda in the year 1990 to be 19% while that in the year 2007 as 5.4 percent. This is undeniably a very good improvement for the nation. However, the writers keen interest is to know which party among the male or female is usually the most unfaithful and likely to cause infections in clean marriages. The study reveals that men are twice more likely to bring new infections into a marriage where both partners are HIV negative than men. This further shows that women can be more trustworthy when it comes to faithfulness in marriage than men (Rosaldo, Michelle , Louise Lamphere, p83). The three articles clearly relate on the key roles of women in a family and portray them as very concerned individuals in the family.

Discussion question

Why do you think men are more unfaithful in marriages and end up bringing new HIV infections to their wives who in most cases are usually very faithful with them? Clearly discuss the factors that you think contribute to this.


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Rosaldo, Michelle Z, and Louise Lamphere. Woman, Culture, and Society. Stanford, Calif: Stanford Univ. Press, 1974. Print.

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