Article Review Essay Example on the Effect of Television Programming on the Public

Published: 2019-05-31
Article Review Essay Example on the Effect of Television Programming on the Public
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The author of the article mainly focuses on the effect of television programming on the public; the American citizens. The debate on programs that are aired on television by the American broadcasting houses has attracted the attention of many writers and producers. As Rosenzweig argues, some of the programs aired have formed the basis of change in behavior in many American citizens. She supports the fact that the television has a large influence on the American public. She both presents the positive and the negative impacts of the programs aired. Evidently, the examples presented in the article can be used to prove the impact the programs have had on the public in terms of behavior change. However, one question remains unanswered, in as much as television programming has been praised for the change and the source of learning positive attributes about social issues that face the American public, does it mean it is a sufficient vehicle for achieving a morally upright individuals?

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The first point that approves this question lies in the statistics that are provided in the article. Primarily, an estimated 98 percent of the households in America have televisions and the time set aside for watching the television is not less than 7 hours a day (pg 2). Therefore the probability of learning through the programs presented on the television is very high. This is confirmed by a number of teenage girls that learn about pregnancy issues and safe sex by watching programs that are sex and teens-oriented. One of the programs that have been mentioned by the author as being of importance to teens is Felicity. This program was specifically was programmed by the producers to communicate on ways of handling rape issues, dealing with sexual desires especially by girls aged 16 years and above. Felicity is presented as a character that makes decisions that are informed and that help her to avoid getting into acts that might make her regret (pg 4). Therefore, many teens acquire relevant knowledge from such kind of programs that makes them grow up into great people.

On the other hand adults are also educated in a way. This is evident in the discussion that the author presents on the designated driver (pg 3). This was an advocacy of a Harvard University professor, Jay Winsten. The outcome of watching the programs was evaluated and many of the American citizens accepted that it had a great impact on their behavior. Many dropped the habits of drinking and driving. Consequently many lives were saved.

The question raised at the beginning of this essay also requires that the negative impacts of watching television to be analyzed alongside the positive impacts. The advocacy of many writers, producers and leaders to use television programs in educating the public has been triggered by the fact that television programs also present morally unacceptable behaviors in society. It might not prove to be a problem to the adults that cases of violence, irresponsible drinking habits, sexually explicitness is broadcasted on television, but it is to children and the youth (pg 4). The advertisements that advocate for the use of condoms and other products that related to pregnancy encourage the youth to engage in sex.

Since children learn from what they see and hear, they will have already got messages that are not meant for their age. This is the challenging aspect about using television entirely as a vehicle for educating the public. Some of the news broadcasted is not fit for consumption for the youth and young children. Therefore, the use of television as a vehicle for achieving a morally upright society is not advisable. This is the advocacy of the author in the entire article.

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