Bank Teller Cover Letter - Free Essay Sample for You

Published: 2017-10-16
Bank Teller Cover Letter - Free Essay Sample for You
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Cover letter for bank teller


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Dear Mr. name,

I am making this application for the position of a bank teller in your reputable banking firm. I have a passion for providing financial services to a unique financial institution. My strong ethical background inclines me towards upholding critical financial standards such as honesty and quality service delivery. I believe, given my experience and skills as a certified public accountant, I can undertake various financial assignments to the expectations of your organization. My supporting academic background and professional information are as detailed in the resume attached.

During my years at the University, I have gained extensive experience in different customer oriented positions. I have a firm grasp of the banking procedures, in detail consciousness of the current financial issues, proficiency in the Ms Office applications, and a good understanding of the banking terminologies.

I am looking for an entry-level job as a bank teller with the aim of gaining experience and opening doors for more enticing opportunities in your esteemed organization. Furthermore, I have excellent communication skills, good problem solving skills and positive attitude towards different working conditions that would make me your organization’s asset.

I look forward to improving your good reputation of customer service through an innate ability to learn quickly, diligent work, and application of new procedures and concepts. A chance of meeting to discuss the company’s requirement and my talents in depth will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,


Bank teller resume sample





Objective: to obtain the position of a bank teller and train in cash handling and ability to offer excellent customer service in an efficient way.


Key strengths

• Counting money fast and accurately

• Good understanding of the different specialized banking activities such as exchanging foreign currency

• Reliable recording of transactions promptly in compliance with the policies and procedures of the bank

• Functional knowledge of verifying and receiving payments like utility bills and loans

• Good comprehension at balancing cash, currency, and checks

Social skills

• Stress toleration

• Good problem solving skills

• Customer services

• Excellent communication skills

Technical expertise

Ms. excel, word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and access.

Basic mathematics, statistics, and arithmetic skills

Internet and email

Appropriate knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting

Work experience

Cashier (choose a company)

· Maintained friendly customer service

· Engaged in reminiscent selling

· Processed different monetary transactions including travellers check, cash, refunds, checks, and coupons

Campus involvement

· Member of business club where I did the following:

Ø Offered exceptional services to the project group in t-shirt selling

Ø Enhanced the sales through efficient interpersonal selling skills

Ø Allocated the group funds efficiently

· Member of baseball

Bank teller job description

The bank teller pays out and receives money. Furthermore, he or she meets the requirements of the customers by offering them quality services. The responsibilities of the bank teller include counting and receiving the working cash, validating and cashing checks, and processing the cash withdrawals. Other duties include verifying and receiving the loan payments, balancing currency, and answering inquiries entailing savings accounts and other bank related items. Furthermore, the bank manager is responsible for resolving the issues concerning the accounts of the customers. A bank teller should have a high school diploma or equivalents, Knowledge on customer service, and Computer skills. Training is usually provided on the job. Other key competencies of a bank teller include having a strong numerical ability, good listening skills, stress tolerance, and teamwork.

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