Free Essay with Public Address System Research

Published: 2018-10-19
Free Essay with Public Address System Research
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Comprehensive analysis of a Public Address system

The public Address (PA) system is a complicated process that requires the time and commitment of the people involved. The following is the comprehensive analysis of a Public Address system for one of the bands called the Quazi Smith at the Brooklyn Standard in the city. The analysis has expounded this process and it provides the perfect knowledge in the main equipment integrating with one another and how this is applicable in the future. It also provides a complete layout of the place of occurrence and the flow of signal. The analysis will also provide the response on the OH &S issues and also the recommendations that will be considered in future to make sure this report is improved.

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It was on the 9th week that my friends toured to one of the bars in the city called the Brook-land standard. The main aim of the trip was to set up a stage that was meant for the band, and it was important for us as the class to give out the Mics and the DI`s to the instruments that were available. At the same time, the instruments together with the vocals were expected to come up with a list that was supposed to provide a direction for the channels that will be available for the band. It was also expected that they should also have a guide about the stage plot and the place where recording will take place. It was also a mandatory to complete the list that was meant monitor the different input amplifiers and the output amplifiers. The most important thing that was required was to have a diagram to act as a guide that was meant to provide an analysis of the venue and the equipments that were there as well. Assessing the nature of the venue in terms of OH&S hazards was also important, and this was to determine whether this venue was appropriate for the activity. The main aim of the analysis was to act as a guide to the sound engineer who was supposed to put all these factors into consideration when making the necessary improvements that will make the band a success.

Using of the vocal microphones

There are a number of instruments that are used in the band and all these instruments will be prepared prior to the band. However, these instruments have a specific arrangement that they should follow and it is important that these arrangement is observed. The Microphones are organized in line with the stage plot, and it is important that these microphones face the sources of sound. The vocal microphones on the other hand should face away from the computers to limit the cases of spill. In most cases, there is a vibration sound when the microphones come into the contact with the monitor. The Direct Injection (DI) boxes are always located in between the instruments with a high peach like the guitar and the stage box. There are also cases of unbalanced cables and this is the reason it is important to place the instruments apart to minimize the interference and destructions that may occur in the process. To confirm that everything is as expected, make sure the microphones and the DI are organized in such a way that there is no destruction or cable malfunctioning.

Monitoring the stage is an important part as it gives the band members the chance to determine the success of the band. It also helps in making sure that all the vocals of the band have been accommodated to make sure the band is a success. During this process, the Brook lands Standard fold back system is important in the configuration of the monitors.

Using of the stage monitor

The stage monitor comprised of the 4 passive AR sfMO9. These are the wedges that were put in place, but at the end there were only three that were used. There was also a single amplifier that powered a maximum output of up to 900hms to 5ohms on a single monitor.

Using the analogue out page that is on the mixing console, the first thing is to choose the output the analog and make sure you mix it with the bus. During this time, it is important to set the monitor so that it can preface and this helps protecting the monitor mix from alteration especially when the FOH mix is changed.

It is this moment that I noted that the structure of the space was constructed out of the bricks and the big beams that enhances the weight of the construction near the center of the venue that created the issues in the FOH. The other thing that I noted in the process was the fact that the surfaces were not parallel and that it was a mistake for the ceiling above the area of setting.

Using of the digital snake

There was a high standard that was recorded in the organization of the cable. There was also the digital snake goes through the floor and it is directed to the mixing desk. These cables are also directed to the microphones to make sure everything works as expected. The connections are also directed to the external amplifiers that are made in such a way that they minimize the hazards that may occur. It is also important to make sure the stage is big enough as I realized that a small stage caused several cases of tripping. It is also important to make sure that explosive liquids like alcohol are not in contact with the stage monitors since it is passive.


• It is necessary for the sound engineer to implement an alternative solution when he/she notices that there are mal-operations in the gear.

• The presence of the high levels of noise can be limited by providing the earplugs to both the audience and the band organizers.

• It is important to use the acoustic remedies that should be implemented on the columns or at the center of the bar, this is important in limiting the sound of the noise.

The channel list

According to the completed channel list, the Mic`s and the DI`s are placed in different channels according to the aim of the band. There are other resources on the stage that were not compatible with the channels and this was caused by the poor layout.

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