Advertising in Print Media, Essay Sample

Published: 2019-07-15
Advertising in Print Media, Essay Sample
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Strategic Summary

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The Marketeers Corporation was founded by four colleagues Sel Akkoyunlu, Kamylla Albritton, Pamela Lucas and Richard Wullschleger. It has designed an innovative teapot that is convenient for making beverages such as teas and coffee. The plan is to launch the product both in the local and international market to increase sales and profitability. To achieve this, the product must be advertised in order to create awareness and create debate among its primary users, the college graduates, and toe toller adults. The advert to be put in print media will focus on the features the new teapot design called "T-Potsche" as well portability of the pot for use by people who travel. The "T-Potsche" teapot will be launched to coincide with the historical unearthing of evidence of a teapot 500 years ago from the Ming Dynasty in China. The target audience includes college graduates, event organizers, camping companies as well as the growing international market. Data for the advert will be gathered from competitor activities, target consumer, investors, employees, family, and friends who will be used as the test market for the mock advert. The beta test results will be stored for future advertisements.

Mission Statement:

T-Potsche is designed to provide a dream cup of tea with innovation, convenience, and affordability.

Timeline for 6 months "T-Potsche" teapot print ad campaign and execution

1-3 Months prior

The marketing team will be involved in preparing the advert, including the wording, graphics and settling on the introductory pricing. Banners bearing the image of The "T-Potsche" teapot will also be designed as well as promotional t-shirts to be worn by the marketers.

4-8 Months delivering the message to media channels

The print media outlets will be notified about the product and asked to send a proposal on pricing, and the final draft of the print add reviewed with media specialists to identify and rectify any errors before it is submitted for printing on the media channel selected. The media chosen should have a wider coverage, readership as well as being economical.

9-12 Months-Execution and campaign

The print add will be rolled in the press, both on Newspapers and magazines for a period of three months and the response monitored to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Customers who call to order the "T-Potsche" teapot giving reference to the advert will be put on a database to determine their occupations, age, and location to have a checklist that will pinpoint where to concentrate the campaign or find out where it is working well.

In designing the media buy, factors such as the reach, communication goals, cost, geographic locations, frequency and target of the advert will be a major rationale in media to be used (Latimer,1969 ).The local media buy for the local geographic population of Delaware can be served by use of print advertising methods like printing brochures and flyers to be displayed on racks in public areas or inserted inside newspapers under an agreement with the newspaper company. Postcard printing company can also be approached to create a colorful and glossy postcard with the company and product information that can be sent to specific people or businesses. These are both cheap and have a wide reach especially to the young college grads that the company has identified as a potential market.

In addition, magazine advertising will be ideal for targeting the young college graduates because they fancy magazines due to their appealing and attractive cover pages and content (Percy, Rosenbaum-Elliott,2012). A magazine gives the company freedom to create an ad that's visually appealing so as to capture the interest and visibility of the teapot image to the young customers.

For the regional and national targeting, the most effective media is the newspaper advertising as it has the greatest reach in terms of geographical coverage. The major target of this media choice will be the adults who normally are the ones who read newspapers more than the youngsters. Advertising in a national newspaper such as "Delaware Today" is advantageous because the newspaper is supplied across Delaware and the nation at large. Online editions of the newspaper will also allow the message to be accessed by an international audience, another target market for the teapots. Newspaper publications have a higher readership; reach and frequency of reading making it the most preferred media channel (Hardy, 2010). The rationale is to reduce costs of advertising considering that the company is new and just launching, therefore, the cost of running a media campaign may be expensive to sustain.

A promotional component for teapot will include advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations, and direct marketing. The complete utilization of this tools has an effect "to communicate customer value and build customer relationships persuasively" (Kotler, 2010).Personal selling is effective as it helps build long-term relationship creating a customer base that will continue to buy. Direct marketing uses both word of mouth and technology to target individual customers with the use of mail, e-mail, and telephone calls. This provides an avenue where the companies can Mass Market and is very useful to a company when marketing to many people. Similarly, a Public Relations campaign can be utilized to communicate the teapot product launch as well as informing the masses about any change that is brought on board such as product design changes. Sales promotions will be a valuable promotional component of selling the teapot as many customers will want a discount that the sales agent can negotiate with them during the selling process (Mukesh, Ranju, 2014 ). Additionally, advertising through the use of Billboards, Newspapers, Radio, Television, and Social Media will assist in customer targeting and segmenting to provide each segment with the teapot that fits their budgets or technical specifications.

The "T-Potsche" teapot, brewing tea to perfection.

Order yours today to enjoy a refreshing cup of your favorite beverage.

The print ad mock up


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