Free Essay Containing the Sociology Survey

Published: 2017-12-07 05:20:48
Free Essay Containing the Sociology Survey
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Sociological survey

The essay gives a comprehensive detail of the sampled data collected from individuals in the field of sociology. The survey was done on ten individual who included Paul, Kevin, Mata, Jack, Monica, Wright, Katrina, Clinton, Blundell and Henslin. The subject of gender was well represented in the survey: the survey had six male: Paul, Kevin, Jack, Wright, Clinton and Henslin and the female included Mata, Monica, Katrina and Blundell. The age was well represented with three being below 25 years; five were between the age of 26 to 40, and the remaining two were above 41 years.

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What is Sociology?

Each defined sociology depending on their understanding. Many people felt that sociology is about social conduct, why people act as they do, what calculates society influence their conduct, how gatherings of people in the public eye compose themselves and come to be as they seem to be.

The young from the age of 25 and below characterized sociology as a method for empowering them to comprehend the world we live in as well as to understand themselves. They show that this knowledge helped them to acquire control over their lives, yet it can likewise be put to numerous more viable uses too. Sociology also empowers us to understand our general surroundings as well as our place in it. This is not merely a question of where we live, imperative as this seems to be, yet of where we are situated inside social structures and the progressions occurring in these structures.

What can be seen from the every one of their definitions is that sociology is an anxiety with a similar investigation of social establishments, giving specific accentuation to those types of society brought into being by the appearance of cutting edge industrialism. There may be a difference of feeling on how contemporary societies ought to be concentrated yet to propose ought to best be society are not deserving of explicit request appears to be more than faintly foolish.

What do sociologists do?

Jack, Kevin and Mata indicated that Sociologists are inquisitive. They suggested that sociologist always wants to know and understand about society, social institutions, organizations and how people interact with each other. According to Paul's definition on sociologist, he insisted that there are identified by repeating examples of and impacts on social conduct. Sociologists utilize almost every one of the techniques for procuring data, from cutting edge scientific measurements to the translation of writings to study social conduct. The sociologists use surveys, experiments, direct observation and existing sources. They utilize these strategies to take care of issues about social behavior in human perception. In their examination, they search for essential assets which can be an enumeration and key reports from the administration.

What is your opinion about sociologists?

In their opinion, they all understood that Sociologists could only be viewed within a social context: their society, social interactions, and their social contacts. They also indicated that Sociologists investigate the structure of groups, communities and organizations and the way people network within these contexts. Reflecting on the multiplicity of sociology as a subject, they further agreed that sociologists had urbanized a range of methodologies and concepts to inform their studies. From this survey, two important opinions arose in regards to sociologists view on the society. Paul, Kevin, Mata, Wright, Katrina, and Henslin argued that sociologists consider the society as a series of connections between individuals groups in which people create meaning and influence each other. Jack, Clinton, Blundell and Monica also argued that sociologists view the society as a social life occurring within extensive social constructions and organizations which are distinct to any particular person but impact upon how people act and understanding their social life.

Have you had a course in sociology?

Out of the ten people who were interviewed, only two of them agreed to have has a course in sociology. The rest presented interest if the need arises for them to be able to get short courses in sociology because they felt it was important in their lives.

Have you had a course in social science?

When asked whether they have done any course in social sciences, there was a positive response to the data collected. A half of the total used in the survey accepted that they had pursued a course in social science. The classes mentioned included, economics, geography, law, criminology and public administration.

Do you know a sociologist? If so, who?

From the survey, six clients claimed to know little knowledge about sociologist and so they were not fully aware of any sociologist. When they were asked to try and name any person they fill fits the bracket, they relied more on philosophers than the sociology aspect. Some names that were suggested in the survey included Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Philo and Democritus who are viewed as one of the great philosophers of all time. The remaining four were able to identify Jurgen Hanermas indicating that he was a great sociologist working in areas of critical theory and pragmatism. Other sociologists that were mentioned included Max Weber whose role was of religion and Daniel Bell linked to the field of post-industrialism.

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