Free Essay: Stopping Use of Cocaine Is a Way of Achieving Good Health

Published: 2017-09-01
Free Essay: Stopping Use of Cocaine Is a Way of Achieving Good Health
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In paragraph one, I will address the issue of introduction by creating an icebreaker. For example, we may lose five people to heart failures from this college every semester. This will serve as a chance to draw the attention of the whole audience to me. First, I will start by explaining what cocaine is. That it is a substance that when taken into the human system, it causes serious complications through stimulation of the brain. Since it is persuasive, I will need to know my audience, so I will ask if there is anyone who has ever used cocaine before. I will use this as knowledge source but not as an example. It is important to motivate the audience to feel at ease. Next, I will explain the various ways through which this substance is taken into the body which includes inhaling the powder, or through injection into the veins.

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Still in the same paragraph, I will state and explain some of the reason why people use cocaine. Some people will feel high. This is hype; I will illustrate why this is the leading cause of cocaine use. The feeling that a person gets to be above all other things. I will tell my audience that this is called illusion, and not hype as most individuals who take cocaine and other hard drugs think as explained by Berne et al., 2006. I will explain teenage influence where some teens are always dragged into the drug usage without being aware. I will also explain that other people get into cocaine use as a way of reducing stress since, during the illusion moment, they are not always in their mind, just moving in a strange world.

In the second paragraph, I will discuss the content of cocaine that people take. I will explain that the cocaine contains a substance called caffeine a substance that is always responsible for addiction to the use of this drug. I will help them understand that this substance always dissolves in the blood and where it is transported to the brain and the central nervous system. At this place, it causes lapses in the brain activity while increasing the speed at which nervous system work. I will also give the second component, coke. Cocaine is derived from the coca plant whose leaves are used to prepare cocaine. Coke is what is responsible for causing increased body temperature once taken.

In paragraph three, I will address the impact of using cocaine where I will handle each aspect one by one starting with medical. Stating that health is paramount to everybody, I will address the use of cocaine that will deprive individuals of their good health, hypertension being the main one. Hypertension is a major killer, a condition that has no cure. I will explain that the increased blood pressure can at sometimes lead to the rapture of the blood vessels as argued by Frank, Ellen 2000, which is fatal. I will mention other impacts such as stroke and numb.

In paragraph four, I will address the issue of rehabilitation. I will make it clear to them that the process of recovery comes from an own individual. Once the will is present, even when taken to hospital for rehabilitation, they will find it easy.

I will after that conclude by iterating that to achieve good health; individuals need to stop using of hard drugs especially cocaine.


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