Free Essay on Public Relation Case Studies

Published: 2019-11-25
Free Essay on Public Relation Case Studies
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In the world characterized by fierce competition, to retain the existing customers and win ones, the organizations have to differentiate themselves from the current competition. However, they also need to build and maintain an encouraging public image. A public relation (PR) is one of the strategies that have been used by organizations and aspirants to overcome competition, look for particular audience, and attract them towards their operations. Specifically, it is a strategic communication procedure and methods that create mutually beneficial associations between organizations and the public. In the mentioned case studies, several forms of public relation have been used that have changed the perception of the audiences.

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The Autocomplete Truth Case

This is a group of women who feel that men have most priorities in the current world. Particularly, their male counterparts are the leaders in most corporates, states, and organizations which leave women with little or low paying jobs. Such issues depict that females are not as important as men in the society. The group of these women, therefore, has identified one way of creating a good public relation that will see women as valuable as men.

Gender equality is the major issues that have been addressed in this case that has been channeled through online means. With hashtag womenshould, several ideas are generated from different people via online podiums such as Twitter, Facebook, and social media sites. Notably, the respond was positive as many individuals were for idea that all people should have equal opportunities.Notably, the issue of gender equality has been the primary campaign tool in the 21st century. Importantly, many people have seen the benefit of educated and working women across the globe; therefore, several activists have come out openly to champion gender equality across all races. On the same note, aspirants and organizations have known that the population and the loyalty of women are high. Therefore, it is important to focus on issues that make feel them prioritized in the community.

Airbnb Public Relation Case Study

This case narrates the progress that the Airbnb Company has achieved over the few years it has been operating. From a business that was started to help the three friends pay their rent has become a global brand whose services are desired by most customers. According to the inventors, they looked on certain values that would make customers feel worthy; a characteristic that is desired by people. One of the morals that the firm has used to create a good PR which has attracted most clients is the sense of belonging. The organization has a policy that customers must be treated in a manner that they feel they own part of the business. As such, they do not look for bed place in the organization but a home to stay for a short period. Therefore, Airbnb is a place where everyone can feel they belong. In that regard, the central message from the case study is that once a customer feels valued in an organization, he will keep on coming to the same place; hence the source of organizational growth.

Notably, a feeling of belonging has been used to attract customers and woo electorates since it makes people feel they are worthy. For example, in the presidential campaign of the United States, Democratic Party claims that egalitarianism and equality are the first policies which make members to express their opinions hence the feeling of belonging freely. The objective or the goals of the company through this PR tool is to increase the number of clients who will, in turn, grow the income of the firm through revenues. As such, they use online mode of communication that can reach people across the globe.

Toyota's Internal Communications Campaign of the Year 2015 Case

The case is about the plan that Toyota Company implemented. The plan was laid to foster great collaboration, accelerate decision-making, and drive high performance to secure the businesss competitive in the North America for the coming 50 years. The changes will take happen in two years and affect about 4,500 of the automakers and 30,000 US workers. The plan is one that could not be accepted easily be the employees hence it required the managers to use other means to convince them. Notably, the PR tool that was employed in this case to convince workers is compensation and usage of different leverages. According to the case, despite their anger, 93% of them agreed with the plan.

Additionally, the managers used interactive discussions where the opinions of most employees were taken into consideration; something that made the workers to believe they are part of the firms decision-making. Another PR instrument that was used in this plan is honesty. While most staffers felt that it was the benefits of the company, the managers showed them the loans that were taken to make the plan; as such it was not very beneficial to the firm at that moment.

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