Free Essay Sample on Fitness Trackers

Published: 2017-10-13
Free Essay Sample on Fitness Trackers
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Fitness trackers or “fitness wearables” has become to latest trendy products, but the main issue arises when they stop working, and the technical know-how for repairing is lacking. Wearables are small bracelet sized electronics that are used as pedometers to count steps, to measure the heart rate and the blood pressure. Latest wearable such as the aluminum sided Fitbit Charge 2 can track movement. The health wearables are used for counting the calorie, timing exercises; ge5tign weather updates and serves as a reminder. Specific instruments inside the wearable perform all these functions. For example, the Fitbit Charge 2, the timer, the database serve the most critical important purposes.

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The Fitbit have microcontrollers, transceiver, the three-axis low digital output accelerometer and the five day battery made up of lithium and polymer (LiPo battery). The tracker has a pedometer, module and other modules that allow for accurate measurement of the body movements. The tracker also has a specially designed heart rate detection module for detecting and recording the intensity of the physical activity. The fitness tracker has some benchmarked counts that are used to determine the heart rate or calories depending on the fitness goals. For example, to find the calories that a man has burned in a day, factors such as age, weights, heart rate as well as the time take for the exercise are counted. To find calorie spurned by men+ (age x0.202)-weight x0.1)+(heart rate x0.7)-55.1)}x (time/4.84). Therefore, after each exercise, the tracker records the vitals as age, weight, heart rate and multiplies with the benchmarked values of factors (Fitbit, 2016).

The activity monitoring board is made upon a TFT screen for displaying the information, an extremely sensitive touch screen, an accelerometer as well as a port for USB connection. It is important to note that the company opted to use the Low-g digital output accelerometer and a power transceiver, which is estimated to be 2.24 GHZ. Because of the size of the wearable, its touch sensitive screen is only 1.8 inches wide. The users can expand the database by including removal micro SD card. The most important part of the fitness tracker rips the magnetic buzzer

The system is considerably superior to the other fitness tracker because it has a high core speed of 50.33MHz. The tracker also has a higher bus speed estimated at 25MHz. Never the less, the tracker has a very low storage space. A 32k SRMA can be limiting. The software also tracks the time of the day when each activity was carried plus an operational amplifier. Coupled with the superior multipurpose clock generator, one should not be worried about the power running out (Sin, 2016). The tracker can be synced with the mobile apps for easy monitoring and tracking. Below is a snapshot of the records created by the wearable apps.

Choosing a fitness product can be challenging. Because almost all of them offer the same services, and have similar qualities. The grinds differed making the process as the most realistic bargaining point. Secondly, finding the right wearables may involve comparing the battery performance of each brand, the accuracy, the range of features, the hardware and the software modules installed in a system (Sin, 2016).

Figure 1: Activity monitors schematics

The Charge 2 (left) with the original Charge HR.

Figure 2: fitbit charger 2


Fitbit original charge for HR will change significantly. The software should be updated as regulatory as possible to eliminate the vulnerabilities of the older platform. A good fitness tracker or a tracking device should have modules to collect and store data, which the system can analyze on request. The band has a heat rate monitor for checking any spike in the heart rate when one log into a gym or aerobic session. The time conscious people also have the alarm for the time keeping. In conclusion, the wearable is not only fashionable but reliable when it comes to monitoring relevant health statistics.


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