Essay Sample with the Statistical Assessment of Community

Published: 2022-04-14
Essay Sample with the Statistical Assessment of Community
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The report of 2010 Census shows that the total American population is at 308.75 million people, with a growth of 9.7 % from Census of 2000. Therefore, in this research, the paper entails the population status of Utah; Utah is one of the American favourable states in the United States. It is well recognized for its warm temperatures and year-round sun (McCool & Yaworsky, 2017). As a nurse, I have interacted with every kind of people around Utah, and that is why Utah is a prudent state which has opened my carrier partway through provisions of practical assessment for the well being of the nursing fraternity. On the other hand, under my personal or professional connection to Utah, I had been working in the public domains in various state health centres where I have been discharging my duties in a formidable form within my scope of disposal.

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The hub of Utah population is found in Utah County, Lehi city. According to the 2010 Census, Utah had a population a total population of 2,763,885 and a population density of 235.1 per square mile. Much of these populations reside in cities as well as in towns along the Front of Wasatch. Wasatch Front is a metropolitan area which runs north having Wasatch Mountains mounting on the eastern part. Utah has five urban areas Provo-Orem, Logan, Salt Lake, St. George and Ogden-Clearfield. It also has five metropolitan such as Brigham City, Vernal, Heber, Price as well as Cedar City. A privileged population of Utahans is married, and additionally, the marriage median age is lesser than the average of nationwide.

On the other hand, according to 2010 Census of American projections, the ethnic and racial makeup of Utah indicates that White 88.6%, Asian-American2.8%, American Indians1.8% and 1.6% are Alaskan Natives. While African American, 1.3% Pacific Islander, 6.9% and other races are at 0.13%. In comparing of with others in the entire state, there are facts such as Utah is deemed to have the youngest population and with highest birth rates. Its population is deemed as the healthiest in the country (Hoidal, Scholand, Leppert, Paul, Gritz, Pounds & Smith, 2018). The state as well has the highest rate of literacy, huge populations of graduates from both college and high school.

People's sex, working conditions, culture and age adversely affect health this population. Since Utah as a large percentage young child, the administration emphasizes on key preventive measures of health such as immunizations as well as age-appropriate screenings which aid in identification and developmental delays when treatment undertake its course of action. However, age most significant risk factors for a number of ailments, counting Utah's primary causes of heart disease, cancer, and ultimate death. The comparative youth of Utah's inhabitants is the significant factor in relatively good health (Hoidal, Scholand, Leppert, Paul, Gritz, Pounds & Smith, 2018).

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Data

The Utah Risk Factor Behavioral Surveillance System is an enduring endeavour by Utah Health sector with the American Disease Control in assessing prevalence and trends in various health connected behaviours of adults aged 18 years and above. The centre is on the front line in fighting diseases such as asthma and other infant diseases.

Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Persistent diseases lead in causing disability as well as death in Utah hence leads to high costs of health care. Since chronic diseases unduly affect older adults, the costs connected with the treatment and programs of Medicare. However, some chronic diseases might be prevented and managed by the change of the individual behaviour that might lead to healthy lives and reduction of costs. From this database, heart disease causes the death of at least 3,193 people yearly (Benjamin, Blaha, Chiuve, Cushman, Das, Deo & Jimenez, 2017). Heath disease can be prevented by eating a healthy food menu. Have techniques for fatigue, frustration, pain as well as isolation with suitable exercise maintaining as well as improve strength. Also one should have appropriate use of medications as well as proper nourishment with proper communicating effectively with friends, family and health professionals and evaluate new treatments.

Heart diseases have the following non-modifiable risk factors Obesity, Cigarette smoking, Hypertension that is blood pressure >= 140 / 90 mmHg) as well as Physical idleness. On the other hand, modifiable risk factors are Males > 40 years Females > 50 years, males and coronary artery disease family history (Benjamin, Blaha, Chiuve, Cushman, Das, Deo & Jimenez, 2017).

The listed risk factors above, Hypertension that is blood pressure >= 140 / 90 mmHg) as well as physical inactivity and obesity are prevalent in Utah city. Utah city has people with surfeit body fat particularly around the waist and is prone to developing chronic disease. Excess weight raises heart strain, raises blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglyceride levels. While for the case of modifiable risk factors, I as a public health nurse wish to focus on is male and female with coronary artery disease family history advising their families in how to prevent it hence making a difference in the health of the entire community (Benjamin, Blaha, Chiuve, Cushman, Das, Deo & Jimenez, 2017).

In summary, I have had a humble time in search this information where the government has stored in a formidable manner. The most helpful is the chronic disease that faces my community which as a public health nurse wish to focus on a making a difference in the health of the entire community. This information can be obtained from Google Search based on the keyword of the community name.


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McCool, W. C., & Yaworsky, P. M. (2017). Fight or flight: An assessment of Fremont territoriality in Nine Mile Canyon, Utah. Quaternary International.

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