Compare and Contrast Essay Sample: The X-box One and Play Station 4

Published: 2019-11-18
Compare and Contrast Essay Sample: The X-box One and Play Station 4
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The X-box One and Play Station 4 have been used in the music for quite a length of time. However, they have constantly been evolving as the two are getting slimmer, features improved as many big games are being launched on a daily basis. The Xbox One is important because it contains crucial tons of entertainment and can easily play on the Xbox 360 games. The Play Station 4 continues to double and is becoming user-friendly (Kirriemuir 18). The interface and the neat sharing features have also been improved. Thus, both systems offer gaming systems, and the video playback contains HDR video.

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The Xbox One contains tons with great games which assist in the video playing. It also contains the blockbusters such as the Fallout 4 and other titles of the generations. Other features such as the witch3 and the division are found in Xbox One. These features have first-lineup for the improvement of the music played. In comparison the PS4, the games can be played with loud music, and they are easy for downloading into other applications. The PS4 also contains the Fallout 4, and as the generation continues to improve, the features also improve. The interface has been made in such a way that it contains the blockbusters as well.

The Xbox One contains the wireless connectivity and this important for the creation of room for the Ethernet and Gigabit bands. The Xbox One has been fitted with channels and double band routers. The systems in Xbox One have been launched with internal drives, and the replacement is also guaranteed. In comparison, the PS4 has wireless connectivity, and this is attributed to the creation of room for the band and internal drivers. Furthermore, Play Station 4 connections are limited to 2.4GHz. Thus, it has witnessed with much interference which makes it less effective and efficient.

The Xbox One has been made in such a way that appearance is slim and it makes it more attractive. It has a lighter design which is considered travel-friendly. Furthermore, the thinner design also makes it easy to slide into the entertainment center. Likewise, PS4 has contained the slim body and the material used to make it is lighter clear, thinner and easily fit into the high-end gaming headsets. The thinner appearance of the PS4 has made it portable, and its performance has also improved as well (Kirriemuir 21). The thinner design has been associated with thigh dynamic range supports that make it have high performance.

Even though Xbox One and Play Station 4 have similar characteristics, the two also contain differences. It is known that the PS4 hardware is more powerful than the one for Xbox One. The PS4 interface and the materials used to make it are from hard materials that have made it more powerful than the Xbox hardware. On the other hand, the Xbox One interface is made with materials which are lighter, and it has made it less powerful than the PS4 (Kirriemuir 27). The durability of Xbox one has also been doubted as it is associated with short durability period.

Xbox One is considered to be a more superior machine for entertainment. The system is associated with the best ability to transmit the cable's box TV signal which is important for the transmission and switching of the showing and playing game. It also made in such a way that it can snap the TV towards the top right to allow for easy watching. On the other hand, PS4 is considered to be less powerful because its system is not fitted with powerful materials that expose it to be powerful. The PS4 utilizes the channel-specific apps and thus cannot be adopted in a wide range of systems.

Regarding cost, Xbox one is more expensive than the Play Station 4. Xbox One is more expensive because its performance is superior. Many people like it because it performs better than the PS4. Thus, it has been widely used as one of the major entertainment systems in different parts of the world. However, the PS4 is less expensive because its performance cannot be compared with the Xbox One (Kirriemuir 33). Even though the Xbox One is more expensive than the PS4, it still has attracted more customers.

In conclusion, the Play Station 4 and the Xbox One important because they have been used for entertainment purposes. Many people are going for them because of the attraction and performance they are associated with. Both the Xbox One and the Play Station 4 have similar features. The features are made in such a way that they make them attractive and high performing. The superiority of the system is realized through the materials which have been used to make them. The slimness of both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have made them portable and can also easily slide into the entertainment center. Furthermore, the thinner appearance has also made them attractive to the customers since they can use them anywhere during their appropriate time.

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